• Description: Sorry this level took a while to upload! The next level will be part of this series again! And I just figured out how to get custom music by myself! Now I don't need to ask anyone. The full name of the level is World 2-The Ancient Temple. Anyway, enjoy and as always please give me some suggestions!
  • Contributors: EpicZeroWorks for telling me how to make custom music by myself.
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What Others are Saying

valterriitsjames77 | 34/100

too boring and lacklustre scenery , skull ride is slow, non interesting, too short, bad tiling cuttoff

02/07/21 at 3:26 PM

Estycool | 95/100

Wow I really liked the gameplay it really makes this level fun. Although I do think it should be just a bit longer. Other then that, great level!

02/04/21 at 8:26 AM

shadow_51 | 68/100

(-20)easy should be a little harder
(-0)level is long enough
(-5)how are you supposed to find the first dragon coin
(-7)no decoration should at least have outside the pyramid

02/03/21 at 9:22 PM

Migcat48CW | 98/100

Felicitaciones 3mmyco0l9 :

(Escenario) (-0) (Es super bueno no hay Errores)
(Enemigos) (-0) (Hay pocos pero están bien posicionados)
(Duración) (-0) (El Nivel es Medio pero entretenido)
(Decoración) (-0) (Pues la verdad no vi casi Decoración pero no té culpo ya que yo tampoco sabría que poner en una Pirámide)
(Dragon Coins) (-2) (La segunda Dragon Coin es Fácil pero dime como se supone que voy a saber que la Primera Y Tercera Dragon Coin están subiendo la Pirámide)
Cosas extra) (-0) (De verdad este Nivel esta muy lejos de ser Medio)

Total de Puntos Restados : -2

Perfecto : 98/100

Dificultad : Fácil

(Si Completé El Nivel)

Total de Dragon Coins obtenidas por Migcat48CW
Dragon Coins : 3/3

*Nivel Añadido Como Uno De Mis Favoritos*

01/21/21 at 6:04 PM

MarioConstructor | 40/100

This was a pretty boring level.
[Gameplay & challenge]
The level is really boring to play because the level is quite flat. Start the first challenge with a backtrack, then follow with a boring slow skull raft ride in Map 5. Koopa spam can be found in Map 5. Also the level is quite too short.
[Level design]
Level design doesn't look so good, tbh. The level has a very few amount of scenery, which make the level looks super empty. Also tiling like THIS are cutoffs.

Final Score : 40/100 (Bad)
Difficulty : Easy

*Boring gameplay (-10)
*Enemy spam (-15)
*Very few amount of scenery (-20)
*Cutoffs (-5)
*Too short (-10)

Example of how to tiling the desert brick correctly

01/13/21 at 1:35 AM

NotSoCubic | 80/100

Nice level! I liked it a lot!

The gameplay is nice and easy for this difficulty.

I didn't make it far into the level, so the most challenging part was probably dealing with the chucks.

Very cool design for a desert level let alone a temple. It could've been decorated a bit more though.

Maybe just get rid of the chuck camping by the door as it's kinda hard to move around him. Also why can't I even type?

8/10 (Amazing)

01/12/21 at 2:34 PM

Christian 45 | 76/100

Decent level. The end was sloppy though. There were some cut offs but it wasn't that fixable. and instead of what you did for the pole, you could have made a pit that is impossible to get over and continue on from there.

01/12/21 at 10:19 AM

SMLFlash | 100/100

Great Level. Exploring a pyramid is something extraordinarily great. Hard, because it's not really easy with the key challenge. That is all.

01/12/21 at 5:03 AM

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