• Description: Mario is cold and need to find shelter, there is a nearby hotel. Get there before you freeze. This level contains custom music so there is a chance that it will change into silence. This is my first Hybrid level.
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What Others are Saying

TailsBoy711 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/23/21 at 1:30 PM

Igames2010 | 93/100

wow this level is better of the my level the snowy hills

background [cool]

music [smm2 cool]

challenge [many]

i liked

01/13/21 at 1:40 PM

przem1994 | 95/100

Very great snow level. Awesome custom music, very good scenery and challenges. I found two flaws:

- Midway Point cutoff at X40 Y38 (When Mario reach MP, then you'll see MP cutoff)
- Tiling/Bullet Bill error at X144 Y45

Overall, great work. Things should be fixed that I pointed out.

- Midway Point cutoff at X40 Y38 (-3)
- Tiling/Bullet Bill error (-2)

You got 95/100 and HARD difficulty. (MP means Midway Point)

01/13/21 at 2:29 AM

Super_Constructor29654 | 95/100

This level was pretty cool!

The level is pretty good, but it was over decoration. I had to agree with NotSoCubic... it was pretty laggy
Excitement: -0
Whole Level: -5

It was nice! I enjoyed the music and it went well for a snow level!
Music Choice: -0
Music Theme: -0

Everything went great! Thing is, the lag needs to be fixed with less decoration. But overall, it was a fascinating snow level design!

Difficulty: V. Hard [Hard]
Points: 95/100!
My opinion: Bad, Decent, Normal, Great, >Awesome<, Perfection

01/13/21 at 12:22 AM

NotSoCubic | 80/100

Pretty sweet level! Although a few flaws.

It's a bit too hard for a medium difficulty level, but it's a nice snow themed level!

Dragon coin challenges! Original and cool!

One thing I recommend people is decorations in your levels, but another thing I recommend people is to not go too crazy with them, as it causes HEAVY lag. Too many decorations in this level.

I like the music from Mario Maker 2, but one problem with the music is that it's a bit too loud for me to hear me jumping and stuff.

Overdecoration: -1
Loud Music: -1

[Final Tips]
Music could be more quieter, and there could be less decorations in the level.

[Final Rating]
8/10 (Amazing)
Difficulty: Hard

01/12/21 at 4:31 PM

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