• Description: este nivel es el ultimo nivel del mundo 8, y el nivel mas dificil que todos, si tienes agallas pruebalo :)
  • Contributors: AnguelTheGaming :)
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What Others are Saying

Tony678 | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

04/09/21 at 9:13 PM

SuperO | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/17/21 at 10:18 AM

Cresie | 85/100

The biggest challenge here was my frame-rate.

I liked the level. However, I have some suggestions that can make it even better.

Scenery was not quite prevalent in this level. But since it's a meteor level, the screen is supposed to be empty for the meteors to actually fall, so it's understandable why there's a lack of scenery in the skull boat parts. But maybe you could've added some more decorations in other parts of the level like skulls.

I really liked the skull boat challenge where you have to dodge the meteors on a small surface. My only issue is that sometimes the meteors are so inconveniently spawned that you cannot possibly dodge them. The rest of the level was rather easy.

I really like the final scene where you could see Bowser through the castle window. Overall, I think that the level is quite good and I really enjoyed playing it. Maybe you could focus more on making the level more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Difficulty: Medium
Score: 85/100 (Great)

01/15/21 at 7:33 AM

TailsBoy711 | 100/100


01/14/21 at 5:40 PM

NotSoCubic | 66/100

This level was fun but there are a few flaws.

It was pretty boring and difficult at the lava river part, it could have been better. There are 5 checkpoints and they are all too close to each other? Why does this exist?

Although the gameplay was boring, i like the meteors falling from the sky, (maybe not a sky cuz ur supposed to be in a volcano...) cuz it was VERY hard to dodge them all and I got hit a few times.

It was pretty bland as there was hardly anything...

One weird thing about the theme is how there are meteors falling through a tiny hole in a volcano. I'm not exactly sure... but it was a pretty nice plot! (And yes I am aware that theme and plot are different words with different meanings but who cares? That's right, nobody does! :) )

8-bit remix of the Volcano Soundtrack from NSMB! Me likey.

Boring Gameplay: -1
(5) Checkpoint Quantity -0.3 for each
Lack of Decoration: -0.7
Confusing Plot: 0.2

Try to improve gameplay by minimising the checkpoint number, and decorate it a bit!

[Final Rating]
6.6/10 (Better)
Difficulty: Extreme

01/14/21 at 4:19 PM

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