• Description: Ik I keep saying it's my last level but this one is for real kek
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What Others are Saying

Peashooter | 1/100

Nice level, I really loved the scenery, guess you get an 100/100 OH WAIT! It's impossible, guess you get an Auto 1/100 today :)

What you got:

Auto 1/100 and impossible difficulty

02/18/21 at 4:29 PM

valterriitsjames77 | 100/100

lol i like how its an anti piracy screen

02/11/21 at 4:39 PM

ashley2009 | 87/100


02/07/21 at 4:48 PM

Muaz_51 | 30/100

Ohhh, this was a bad level.

[Enjoyment, Level Music, The Map]
The enjoyment is good, but there's something that not you may put in there.

[Level length]
The level is not too short.

Point remove:

Start lives with 1x -5
Impossible -50
Dying so fast -20

The points:

How the level for me?

01/21/21 at 1:04 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 1/100

I'm sorry, the level is impossiblel :/

Clever troll tho, I'll give you that. I really thought there'd be away to escape the lava, but clearly not.
You had me there

Translation: Thanks for free r8 i guess

01/17/21 at 1:47 AM

MarioConstructor | 69/100

Oh no, what's wrong with this level?
[Gameplay & challenge]
What? 1 starting-lives, oh no!!! But phew, thanks to a free hammer suit. I could(not) beat this level in just one attempt. Also... Nice anti piracy screen joke level... but too bad... this joke was overused. Oh yes, I almost forget, this level is impossible to be beaten, so I'd like to auto 1/100 :)
[Level design]
When normal level : Very nice scenery.
When anti piracy screen : Looks like scenery wants to play hide and seek with me, isn't it?

Final Score : 69/100 (Okay)
Difficulty : Super Easy Impossible

*Impossible (-99)
*Only 1 starting lives (-99)
*Overused joke (-99)
*Best anti piracy level I've ever seen (+366)

Overall, very good level!!!!!

01/17/21 at 1:13 AM

xavier | 75/100

Very good level

01/16/21 at 6:56 PM

NotSoCubic | 80/100

Wow I loved this level!

[Gameplay & Challenge]
So clean and nice in the level, and I absoulutely loved the end with the troll about the "anti-piracy"! Now unfortunately I have to take some points away from that but it was still funny. Yes the level is impossible but I'm not taking away like 9 points because of that.

It was so beautiful for a red forest I loved it!

What is this music? I think it's a remix of Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Wii. I loved it!

(1) Troll: -2 for each

I can't find any way to improve this level! Good job :)

[Final Rating]
8/10 (Amazing)
Difficulty: Easy

01/16/21 at 5:31 PM

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