• Description: "After Toad and Mario fall in the cave, they try to find their way out and meet up with an Alolian from Tropical Island that leads them to the exit." Please tell me any suggestions you have and enjoy!

    Difficulty: Medium

    Level Length: Average
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

Estycool | 100/100

Very good! I have no complaints about this level.

02/04/21 at 8:47 AM

Migcat48CW | 63/100

Pues que te dijo :

(Escenario) (-0) (Pues el Escenario fue bueno la verdad me gusto)
(Enemigos) (-29) (Pues los Enemigos son muy escasos y la verdad eso no me gusto)
(Duración) (-8) (Esto también el Nivel es muy Corto y eso no mola)
(Decoración) (-0) (Pues eso si se salva y que la Decoración ya que me gusta mucho cuando meten Enemigos dentro del Piso)
(Dragon Coins) (-0) (Pues todas las Dragon Coins están Bien : j)

Total de Puntos Restados : -37

Aceptable : 63/100

Dificultad : Fácil

(Si Completé El Nivel)

Total de Dragon Coins obtenidas por Migcat48CW
Dragon Coins : 3/3

01/21/21 at 6:49 PM

Igames2010 | 86/100

wow creative

01/21/21 at 4:15 PM

NotSoCubic | 85/100

This was super cool!

It felt a little bland at the start but it got better near the end! The level was a little on the short side so I'll have to take away points for that. But...

I have never even thought of bones being placed in the ground before! That is so clever! It is properly decorated as well! Not 1 cut-off! Good job!

I loved this soundtrack even though it is just the normal song.

It was very fun! I enjoyed it a lot! Yes this is a new section I'm adding to my review!

Too Short: -2.5
Amazing Decoration: +1

Make it a bit longer.

[Final Rating]
8.5/10 (Amazing)
Difficulty: Easy


01/21/21 at 10:50 AM

Muaz_51 | 100/100

I thought I gonna pass, but I pass thought without any last dragon coins.

[Background] Custom

[Audio Effect] Cave

[Music] Cave

01/21/21 at 10:29 AM

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