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nizwanbro | 99/100

Wow, This was an amazing level, I'm impressed

Gameplay: It was really good
Scenery: What can I say :) Really good
Enemy placement: Well, It was quiet repetitive, ninjis, sliding beach koopas and buzzy beetles on blocks
Difficulty: Medium, Its not hard
Boss fight: That was epic, I like how you have to avoid the ice podobos that come at ya, And Yeah
Ovearall rating: Its Amazing, I give it a 99% :)

02/10/21 at 1:58 AM

JetWing34 | 100/100

This level has been relatively great, no matter the gameplay, creativity, or scenery. I have not experienced anything on tap that I haven't liked. The gameplay is really fun and again, themed around the highway to heaven. Some challenges to highlight include:

1) The rock suit (when Mario dresses up as a member of an aboriginal tribe) used to throw pebbles at Dragon Coins. I rave about it for several reasons. It's executed to perfection, and there are five Dragon Coins to collect. Bring your A-game and collect four of them, so if you die by the Boom-Boom battle, pick up the final dragon coin to restock your 1-Up arsenal.

2) Any challenge where you can rid of many stacked goombas. I personally prefer to spin-jump on the stack at x270 of Map 1 for the 1-Up, but any other combination is sure to satisfy!

3) The creative boss battle. If you're a sucker for boss battles, this battle is for you! It's a boss battle where you avoid the cryogenic podoboos, you hit the Boom-Boom on the ground with odd health points, and again from descent in the air with even health points.

This level's scenery has also been great about creativity and no cut-offs, to make the level visually a smoother experience. Overall, you can't go wrong with this Mandrut level!

My rate is a 100 and MEDIUM difficulty.

02/09/21 at 3:45 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

Good level to play overall. The theme presents itself well, even if it is not the most creative of levels. While adding vertical space to the level, you should be careful where you place the ceiling buzzy beetles as depending on the relative height of the camera they can be a little unexpected and catch you off guard. As far as the main gameplay goes, your setups could be more creative rather than repeating the same enemy placements like the ninjis, sliding koopas and other recurring obstacles.

02/09/21 at 11:40 AM

przem1994 | 100/100

This is awesome level. The clouds/star tileset are well done. Awesome enemy placement, great scenery and cool CBG. Creative level and flawless :)

100/100 and MEDIUM difficulty.

02/09/21 at 9:56 AM

valterriitsjames77 | 100/100

The clouds in the background are confusing and it led me to some silly deaths and there is wrong amount of ninji but it was fine

02/09/21 at 8:41 AM

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