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What Others are Saying

Muaz_51 | 65/100

The level was okay.

Creativity: 11/100
Scenery: 17/100
Gameplay: 19/100
Challenge: 18/100

Total: 65/100 Difficulty: Easy

02/24/21 at 8:48 AM

JetWing34 | 55/100

The level was not very good in the gameplay, but I did like the springboard mushrooms. Very creative for that part, but the enemy placement is mediocre at best. That is why this level had bad gameplay. And with that, there were too many power-ups that caused the gameplay to be simplistic.

You still need to add some more variety to the tile placement, even if it's an autumn forest level. You will also need to add more variety to the scenery because it felt like cardboard.

I rate this level a 55 and EASY difficulty.

02/24/21 at 8:02 AM

awesomeness777 | 46/100

The level had bland gameplay which consisted of repetitive enemies in unoriginal placements. Having the bouncy mushrooms was good, though, since it offered *some* variety, as did the yellow koopas.

There was some variety with the mushrooms, but that still wasn't much.

There was some scenery, but no variety. The level looked very bland, overall.

Difficulty: Too easy --- easy gameplay + powerups.

Extra stuff:
--The level felt too short since I could run through most of it (due to the basic challenges and tiling)
---The yoshi-free zone was cool.... I haven't been checking on the newest updates :}

02/23/21 at 9:51 PM

valterriitsjames77 | 78/100

why is there a no yoshi sign it seems to be put there to make it different. too bland, decoration was poor, and the bouncy shrooms were unclear at first

02/23/21 at 1:39 PM

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