• Description: i know there are a few mistakes
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What Others are Saying

Smile Construct | 39/100

Not enough decoration: /

04/13/21 at 10:55 AM

OmegaXis32 | 13/100

right of the bat the level forces you to move, give th eplayer some time to breathe, also there's a troll in map 2.

04/11/21 at 12:15 AM

MarioConstructor | 10/100

This was a very bad level.
[Gameplay & challenge]
The level is mostly flat. Filled with random enemy placement. Troll can be found in Map 2 at (X:76 Y:14). Please don't put a troll in a level like this. Also you can get softlocked if you got trolled by that invisible blocks in map 2 too. Overall the level is super easy because challenges are very bad.
[Level Design]
Start with a little scenery. But later, it has no scenery. Also there are many obvious cutoffs in a level.

Final Score : 10/100 (Very Bad)
Difficulty : Super Easy

*Boring gameplay (-10)
*Troll (-2)
*Softlock (-3)
*Cutoffs (-25)
*No scenery (-24)
*Too easy (-10)

Feeling towards the level : (-16), the level is really effortless, tbh. At least please don't rush making levels. Spend more time and effort for your level.

02/26/21 at 4:05 AM

valterriitsjames77 | 35/100

why is the level called 6-2?, Its pointless, and there are troll softlocks. It also looks like the level was made with no real care

02/25/21 at 11:13 AM

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