• Description: Mario had been trick while he was exploring a new pyramid and now he haves to escape
    (note: i rlly enjoy criticism so please, give me any criticism, this is my 3rd level and i wanna improve myself)
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What Others are Saying

Mesopotamia | 90/100

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03/19/21 at 1:07 PM

WaluigiFromSMC | 100/100

not too bad, as i see the desc here you go, 100/100 for you becoming great level maker. Also add something that might useful for players like mushroom etc. sorry, im not related

03/18/21 at 5:10 AM

ajsansr | 100/100

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03/09/21 at 6:45 PM

Herobrinesword | 85/100

This is a vast pyramid level with many twists and turns, though the pyramid portion can be skipped just by ducking under the invisible wall near the drop. I might suggest having a moving bomb shell collide with a on/off switch out of the view of the player to trigger it instead of having player input, that way the player will be dropped automatically. I might also suggest thinking of a shorter level size for horizontal levels to avoid having a ton of negative space left over. That is all I have, so I will grant this level the average rating of 85%. I am looking forward to new ideas with the editor, as I sort of have an idea block for Crimson Valley.

03/09/21 at 12:11 AM

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