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What Others are Saying

SuperMarioBros843 | 100/100

@Weirdo64 No, its not

03/14/21 at 12:20 PM


Awesome level with lots of design and challenge. Good job!

03/07/21 at 12:30 PM

valterriitsjames77 | 100/100

my favourite part was the groll in the lava, that was so creative, and this level gets way less than it should do

03/07/21 at 5:57 AM

M1steryPlay | 90/100

that level is awesome!

03/07/21 at 12:11 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

I like this level more, and I think it deserves more credit than it gets, despite the generic name. The use of platforms was brilliant and I really like that you kept challenges different for the most part in the color switch subsections. I personally didn't have many problems with this level and your design or gameplay. There were only a couple layering issues that went unnoticed with the scenery and sprites (podoboo and lamp), and I feel like the second boss could've ended quicker, but then again it's still nice to see something new for a change of pace after all of the boom boom battles. Overall cool castle level, it felt more refined compared to some of your older levels, also wasn't as repetitive. Continue making levels ;D

03/06/21 at 5:54 PM

Weirdo64 | 71/100

The background is really good. The difficulty is on point considering it is the final boss. All around good level

03/06/21 at 4:18 PM

decaghi | 80/100

it is quite hard but still a good level

03/06/21 at 2:40 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

Awesome castle level with very long level. It was extreme because of many Maps. Anyway, great challenges, excellent scenery and cool gameplay. You did it very well with the longest level ever. You deserve more than 100.

200/100 and EXTREME difficulty.

03/06/21 at 1:49 PM

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