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JetWing34 | 72/100

Not a bad level at all, but the problem was, you have set the start point and mid-point right next to the monster sprites, which instantly kill you. The midway point is obviously cut off, and there are dragon coins completely hidden in the trees, which is not really fun.

Obviously the level felt unpredictable, and that's how I feel about this gameplay.

My rate is a 72 and MEDIUM difficulty.

03/13/21 at 3:31 PM

Herobrinesword | 65/100

This level was good, though my only complaint is the fact that you had the audacity to add an enemy 0 tiles to the right of the main entrances. Yes, you read that correctly, 0 tiles. I may find Lost Levels to be the hardest 2D Mario, but at least they never added an enemy 0 tiles to Mario's spawn points! A good level designer will always make sure that the player has at least some reaction time when facing an enemy, hence why it is never 0-4 tiles away from the spawn. Also, in order to progress past the checkpoint, we need to talk to a toad that is out of the way of the main path in order to know what to do at the trees, since they are not normally climbable in this game. I swear, if there was better direction and enemy placement, then this level would be decent. Anyways, I will grant it a 65% rating for the bull that is the vision of this level. Sure, Mystic Forest 1 may have had a lack of direction as well, but at least it was in a safe area where the player can figure it out!

03/12/21 at 12:56 AM

semaJ355 | 75/100

The level design was really all over the place for me. The problem wasn't the amount of enemies, but how they were placed. If you wait for one second at the start, you will be killed by a goomba. I found myself dying multiple times at the checkpoint because of one goomba that was placed right next to the respawn point. Also the toad says that you can climb trees because there is a secret, so you think "huh, if I see a tree, I can climb it for a secret" only to be forced to climb the trees right after, defeating the purpose of there being a secret or a hidden toad at all, because if you don't talk to the secret toad, how will you know you can climb trees? What if you run out of donut blocks to reach the toad? What if you don't want to talk to the toad? Then too bad, because there's some trees that are about to waste your lives. And there wasn't much decoration either besides the occasional bushes. The level was also too short and ended abruptly. Where is that big ending where Mario makes it out of the forest? At the same time, this level was not entirely bad either as the difficulty was consistent and the tiling was great. Honestly, this level has potential! The creativity of the fact that you can climb trees is just amazing. Just step up the game a little more and you might make something truly amazing one day.

03/11/21 at 9:41 PM

sonictschopp | 100/100

I loved the decorations and the fact you can climb the trees I think this level was really cool, and there was nothing wrong with it!

03/11/21 at 5:09 PM

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