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What Others are Saying

WaluigiFromSMC | 82/100

uhhh softlock anyone?

03/14/21 at 5:27 AM

Herobrinesword | 85/100

This was a difficult boss fight to complete due to the large quantity of boos and meteors. My only complaint is that we can trigger a fool's softlock by destroying the blocks needed to defeat king boo in the second part of the map. You would think there is also one in the first map, but defeating King Boo is not necessary for that part of the level. Overall, I will grant this level the average rating of 85% as well as a favorite, since I am looking forward to tinkering with Lakitu in the future.

03/12/21 at 8:16 PM

babayaga0504 | 88/100

the concept was unique, I like the way the lakitu was used in conjunction with king boo. the ground was a bit misleading at times due to the layering usage, sometimes you couldn't tell which area was smooth or jagged, and it felt a bit disorganized. as far as the gameplay goes, do try to keep the excessive boo placements to a minimum. the second boss was a bit underwhelming because it was a one-hit quitter. other than that really cool chasing concept

03/12/21 at 3:40 PM

ajsansr | 100/100

it was pretty good good decorationg dectent challenge but i can think of any thing and i am just gonna spam .s untill i can rate

03/12/21 at 3:16 PM

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