• Description: Heya! It's been a long while, hasn't it? This level is a tribute to my older sister, who I offered to make a Mario level for and had accepted- and after a few weeks of work, it's done! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I've had fun working on this! :D

    Themes I've used in order:
    Cherry Lake - Paper Mario: Color Splash

    Square Timber (Puzzle Plank Galaxy) - Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Inuyasha: The Secret Mask - Kaede's Village

    River of Life - Octopath

    Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii - Maple Treeway Remix
  • Contributors: Some of the really cool playtesters here: Smuglutena, Qwertyquop, Nathan Nathan, DeadFesh, Beanbag, vexilon, Nitro, etc.
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What Others are Saying

Hi dog_2 | 100/100

Super Creative!!!!

05/12/21 at 2:37 PM

ashley2009 | 97/100

great tribute

03/25/21 at 3:38 PM

marcustsang0730 | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

03/17/21 at 8:13 AM

Black_Blaze58 | 100/100


Nothing wrong- -1
Nothing wrong- +1


03/16/21 at 4:23 AM

bryanjackson | 96/100

overall a good level, nice scenery, good gameplay, and long. There is potentially offensive words some of the text boxes so I will deduct a couple points for that but other than that great job!

03/15/21 at 10:05 PM

qwertyquop | 100/100

Finally, a new level from you haha. This one was super nice to play through. The scenery was always super good, and the dialogue was really entertaining to read through. Overall, amazing job, and I hope to see more of your stuff! :)

03/15/21 at 7:10 PM

mandrut2003 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

03/15/21 at 4:14 PM

Jesse Alexanderrr | 100/100

Wow Deci, you really outdid yourself on this level. The scenery was gorgeous. I really like the mixing of the autumn tile set and the ghost house tile set here. I guess the only problems that I have is that I noticed a few cutoffs with the leaves in some area's and also the ground tile set at some points. But this level was amazing and I had a fun time playing it so I'm gonna give it an 100. Great work deciduu and Welcome Back!!!

Rating : 100/100
Difficulty : Medium

03/15/21 at 3:23 PM

Tank | 100/100


also how did you even make this. I am kinda blown away, or is it normal to make a level like this.
Did you use advanced tools or something.

Anyway, my pc is literally dying while playing the level haha
It's defo high up there.

03/15/21 at 2:57 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

Now that's how you make a comeback.
Aight, on the real though, the aesthetics were eye-candy, despite a few cutoffs here n' there, like the part with the rope next to the first mid-way point and some of the foliages as the Grrrols make their way down from there. Also like the challenges revolving around those as well, the gameplay was enjoyable and for the most part it wasn't too repetitive. Fantastic level overall well worth the wait. I bet your sister would really like this as well.

03/15/21 at 2:54 PM

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