• Description: After the skirmish with the ol' lad, Mario spots a couple of soldiers building a pipe cannon in the distance. It seems that they are attempting to build a way across the huge pit ahead of them. It seems that the clock reserve in the safe house was ran dry, so he'll have to cross with only about 80 seconds to spin about in his shell.
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What Others are Saying

OmegaXis32 | 80/100

cool concept, but some parts are waay harder than they needed to be.

03/25/21 at 12:13 AM

KevinIsNice | 100/100

Cool level and hard because of the time limit lol I don’t know what else to write how do you get that key to the left of spawn

03/24/21 at 6:13 PM

springtrapno | 100/100

really good

03/24/21 at 2:05 PM

babayaga0504 | 85/100

great. more blind shell surfing. not my cup of tea, hammer bro placement was pretty annoying but there were quite a few misleading moments to say the least. also bloopers are underwater monsters, not fitting for a theme like this. but hey, at least no unpredictable boss fight this time. so yay

03/24/21 at 4:28 AM

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