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Pixelzz42 | 44/100

First Impressions: There is WAY too many enemies.

Gameplay: There is way too much enemies on the screen at once. Also it is very flat. You could add some more rooms and and use the themed enemies.
Gameplay score:2.1/5

Decorations: Again, very boring. You could make some more decorations on the floor and add a ceiling.
Decoration score: 2.3/3

Final score: 4.4/10

03/30/21 at 6:26 PM

destroyer_IV | 55/100

É divertido, mas encontrei alguns erros, primeiro em partes com lava, tinha muitos erros de posição de blocos e o nível era curto demais. Mas a batalha contra o Bowser foi divertida.

It's fun, but I found some errors, first in parts with lava, there were a lot of block position errors and the level was too short. But the battle against Bowser was fun.

03/29/21 at 7:06 AM

Precision | 75/100

Fun level, except the level was kinda bland and enemies spammed somewhere.
I liked that dragon coin there, because it acts like infinite continues.

03/29/21 at 2:26 AM

Muaz_51 | 50/100

Intro : Well, the level kinda good.

[ Gameplay, Level Length, Level Music ]
The gameplay is quite boring, the level length is short. The level music is fitting to this level.

[ Bonuses, Decorations, Challenge, Enemy Placement ]
There's no bonuses. There's no decorations, the challenge is easy. The enemy placement is kinda lack and there's some tile placement that is wrong in your level ( If you improve that, I will rate t 100/100 % )

[ Level Design ]
The level design is kinda actually bad, there's might be some tile that is wrong. I found that wrong tile placement at x : 112 Y : 0. Also, you making flattest map. There's something that is very making me not too stressful, you put the enemies at beginning before I start it.

Point's that were removed :

Boring Gameplay -5
Lack of enemies -5
Short level -10
No decorations -10
Flattest map -20

[ Final Tips ]
Don't make boring gameplay and lack of enemies, add a longer level, add a decorations, make something else using tha rock thing or the another platform to make it very good.

Total : 50/100

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03/29/21 at 12:58 AM

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