• Description: The winter is perfect for enemies to have a cold and relaxing day, not worrying about everything, until you came up. The snowy environment are enemy's weakness, but they will use that advantage to make forts and bases to keep them warm. Defeat the enemies and find any clues for secret hideouts.

    Also, this is gonna be a new series I'm going to be working on. There's a little bit of story to it, and it's all levels with one theme on it. I lessen my decoration a little bit because I had been having a hard time beating my own levels with the lag. So the eleventh level to my Part 2 is the Snow theme. (if it still lags, then ill reduce it more)

    i didnt use any reset doors cuz they're very buggy for me..
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What Others are Saying

Theopold | 89/100

Nice level. Not really much to say about it. However, I can't get past that part with the Snow Pokey, Grandpa Toad is named Toadsworth, and the ground at the start is glitchy.

04/24/21 at 9:06 AM

Precision | 85/100

~~ This comment may include spoilers. ~~

Unique level and fantastic level design. I get the idea. The problem is that you have only three lives, which wasn't enough to explore all of the level for a first timer.

The "beach koopa" coming right after you cross the big "ice lava" part might kill you before you can react, pretty much unexpectedly. The cave part after the first checkpoint has a key you have to take back. There is no indication which pipe (the one you came out or the pipe near where the key is) you should go in. You can easily softlock yourself after the second checkpoint (you cannot die) if you throw the shell incorrectly, and you have to start over (from the start of the level). Some of the challenges including the cave part are not intuitive at first and forces you to die in the most hilarious ways before getting through, and since you don't have a lot extra lives on hand before the second checkpoint you have to start over.

Despite those "unfairness" I managed to see while playing the level, I still give this level a like for being creative.

03/29/21 at 1:57 AM

babayaga0504 | 90/100

a pretty solid level overall. however I'm not a fan of the huge leap in difficulty the level took in the "igloo" section

03/28/21 at 7:12 PM

valterriitsjames77 | 99/100

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03/28/21 at 2:21 PM

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