• Description: Boy this was hard to make, first it took me days to finalize the design, then when i finally publish it it turns out the code is corrupt, and it doesn't work, trying to save it with no results, then i had to remake it from scratch... let alone remembering the layout after the checkpoint. it's not perfect, there's bound to be some deviations from the original version.

    this is the fourth level of New Super Mario Land
    Edit #1: i made the time limit less strict.
    Edit #2: i made the time limit even less strict
    Edit #3: added an extra effect in the water section
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What Others are Saying

3mmyco0l9 | 65/100

Wow, that was tough.

1. [The Gameplay] Challenge, Enemies, Music, and Extras

Challenge: The challenge was a little above medium instead of easy and that timer is way too tight. You should make it 500 seconds not 250. Other than that the challenge was fine

Enemies: There were a lot of different underwater enemies like fish, bloopers, and urchins too. So I think the enemies are fine.

Music: The music was again, fine.

Extras: There were a few bonuses I saw but like I said before, the timer is way too tight and there wasn't enough time to get the bonuses!

Total Points Taken Away For Gameplay: (15)

Your Score So Far: 85/100 Perfection!

2. [The Scenery] Decoration, Background, and Tile Placement

Decoration: The decoration was good at first but then there was no decoration in the underwater sections besides the overlay. You could've added seaweed, stars, and more.

Background: The background was fine.

Tile Placement: The tile placement was fine and there weren't any cut offs I was able to find but I do think the retro SMB underwater tileset fits better for an underwater level.

Total Points Taken Away For Scenery: (15)

Your Score So Far: 70/100 Great!

3. [Enjoyment] Fun and Level Length

Fun: I guess it was pretty fun! Although...

Level Length: The level felt a little short and needs to be longer!

Total Points Taken Away For Enjoyment: (5)


Final Score: 65/100 Good.

Difficulty (For Me): Average Medium

04/09/21 at 5:11 PM


I do like that you're sticking to classic level design, however, this sometimes makes the levels more boring and it doesn't feel as decorated. It was also pretty repetitve.

04/09/21 at 1:26 PM

Superawesome3 | 70/100

This user did not provide a review.

04/02/21 at 12:20 PM

babayaga0504 | 70/100

this water level looked promising, even though it often lacked in variety, gameplay was reliant on two main enemies. when you swim upwards you also risk running into a blind urchin making its way down. this doesn't apply to all of the level but there was one instance where i wasn't expecting it. in addition to that, repeating the same types of enemies also doesn't add much dynamic to the gameplay especially when they're predominately used in the same way. there were a few areas where you mix it up, like the "maze" section the one that swims in the counter-clockwise motion but aside from that it's mostly just urchins and cheep-cheeps that take up a large portion of the level with rinse and repeat gameplay.

04/02/21 at 10:33 AM

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