• Description: caution: very annoying
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3mmyco0l9 | 85/100

Hey, this was pretty good!

1. [The Gameplay] Challenge, Enemies, Music, and Extras

Challenge: The challenge was, as said in the description, very annoying. Well, not all of it. The parts I thought were annoying were the parts with the note blocks and the Chucks everywhere.

Enemies: There was a good variety of Chucks in this level, probably all of them but you also added some other iconic castle enemies like Dry Bones for example.

Music: The custom music from New Super Mario Bros. brings back so many memories, good and bad.

Extras: The dragon coins were hidden pretty well and I like the one where you need to jump from the note block onto the pipe you came out of and if you go to the left, there's an invisible warp.

Total Points Taken Away For Gameplay: (0)

Your Score So Far: 100/100 Perfection!

2. [The Scenery] Decoration, Background, and Tile Placement

Decoration: There was decoration which is good but there should've been more decoration in the ground outside the castle because since the ground was pretty high up it looked a little bland. Other than that, the decoration was fine.

Background: The background were fine and like most times with levels, there's not too much to say about it so...

Tile Placement: The tile placement was fine and I didn't spot any incorrect tile placement or cut offs.

Total Points Taken Away For Scenery: (10)

Your Score So Far: 90/100 Perfection!

3. [Enjoyment] Fun and Level Length

Fun: It was pretty fun not going to lie! Though the second map was pretty laggy since there was a lot of lava. Try to reduce the amount of lava I guess? Maybe just make it shorter?

Level Length: The level was just a little too short in my opinion. Try making it a bit longer.

Total Points Taken Away For Enjoyment: (5)


Final Score: 85/100 Perfection!

Difficulty (For Me): Hard

04/09/21 at 4:54 PM

HelinhoPN | 100/100

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04/09/21 at 3:22 PM

babayaga0504 | 95/100


04/05/21 at 7:35 AM

BandAid | 100/100

I really enjoyed this! Loved how you used the chucks so creatively. I found this level to be all around appealing and fun.

04/04/21 at 6:29 PM

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