• Description: Welcome to the Mario Kart Wii based level, 1-3 Maple Treeway! There are many spooky and forest enemies on this nice path around the forest. Good luck and have fun!
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What Others are Saying

Skopler | 40/100

The exits and entrances were horribly placed making no sense whatsoever. A ghost house theme with black doors and bit more scenery could've improved this level's overall look. Gameplay was also really flawed: You can gather the first yoshi coin by just yoshi-jumping at the beginning; and at 165x 13y you can just throw a koopa shell to hit the ON/OFF switch and thus continue your way instead of backtracking to 30x 23y. There were just too many enemies placed in a spammy way.

2/5 stars

04/09/21 at 12:24 AM

wooliestplate89 | 40/100

Mario kart construct

Gimmick - 0

Difficulty - 10

The gameplay is quite boring (-20)

04/08/21 at 4:20 PM

shadownathen | 50/100

the level was ok
i give it a 50

04/08/21 at 10:56 AM

Sanictheman34 | 32/100

pretty flat and part of the level u can fall through. Its also very spammy with alot of enemies, theres too many for a world 1 level. there was also a cutoff I saw and for some parts u didn't really fill in the ground. If you filled in the ground the level would look much nicer. Another thing u shouldnt do is to not use the charging chuck that divides cause that is more for more difficult levels since its pretty hard to beat. other then that i liked that u had to go through the level again and the custom music

04/07/21 at 7:35 PM

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