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Adyj | 100/100

Nice gimmick. It reminds me of my own gimmick level, with the cosmic clone. Such simple ideas, but at the same time, so revolutionary. I liked the idea of hiding the fishing lakitu in L2, making the volcano lotus and nipper look as if they're floating via voodoo magic. The gameplay itself is nice, though I would have preferred if the level toned down on how cheap the green bubbles were. Some indicator as to where these things come from would help. Piranha plants shooting down from above were also quite cheap.

Splitting this level into two sections was nice. The volcano lotus in the first half was an easier introduction, allowing the nipper to come in during the second half for a more dynamic end. The volcano lotus was kinda trivial, however, since those lava bubbles just take so long to fall. However, still a nice intro for the dynamic, fast-paced fire-spitting nipper down the road.

The visuals are simple, but quite effective. I liked the sewer tiling here, as it fits the pipes rather well. The music chosen also fit the mood of the level like a glove.

There are flaws, mainly the green bubbles. Otherwise, it was a very fun play. Definitely one of the most creative SMC levels our community has seen thus far.

5.0/5.0 Stars (Medium) - Favorited

04/29/21 at 11:51 PM

Gamerdude | 100/100

Awesome level man. I was very surprised when I saw that volcano lotus flying, and i Had to got to the editor. This was very CLEVER, good job!

Going to map 2


Rating:100/100(Very good)
Overall:This is one of my favorites

04/25/21 at 10:26 PM

decaghi | 90/100

really creative idea. the challenges felt the same with the pirranas and conveyors though. not much else to say so 90/100

04/23/21 at 3:27 PM

HelinhoPN | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

04/23/21 at 2:00 PM

3mmyco0l9 | 95/100

"I'm so bored right now. I guess I'll play some levels on SMC. Ooh a Featured one! "'Green Pipe Garden'". Okay then. Seems cool but why did the description say to loo-HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT VOLCANO LOTUS IS FLYING"

1. [The Gameplay] Challenge, Enemies, Music, and Extras

Challenge: I liked how both maps have different enemies being "fished" by Lakitu and I really, really hate the Nipper Plant when the shoot fire, though it does make for a really fun and fast paced challenge!

Enemies: The enemies being "fished" by Lakitu weren't the only good ones. The enemies on the surface were good too and the Piranha Plants in the pipes got me more than Lakitu got me...

Music: Like most levels, there's nothing to say about this so...

Extras: The Dragon Coins really did add an extra challenge and the one that was the hardest for me was the one under the Note Blocks on top of some Donut Blocks that didn't respawn.

Total Points Taken Away For Gameplay: (0)

Your Score So Far: 100/100 (Perfection!)

2. [The Scenery] Decoration, Background, and Tile Placement

Decoration: There wasn't really too much decoration but I get it since most of the level was on pipes and stuff. So, I won't take away as much points for that.

Background: Like most levels (again), there's nothing to say about this so...

Tile Placement: The tiling was great and there were no cut offs!

Total Points Taken Away For Scenery: (5)

Your Score So Far: 95/100 (Perfection!)

3. [Enjoyment] Fun and Level Length

Fun: The level was fun overall and I'd really like to see a Part 2 of this with different enemies.

Level Length: It was an average level length which is fine!

Total Points Taken Away For Enjoyment: (0)


Final Score: 95/100 (Perfection!)

Difficulty (For Me): Hard

This level is now favorited by me.

04/23/21 at 8:10 AM

StarTigerrr | 97/100

What and amazing gimmick! I love the theme, but when you get to the checkpoint, the second part is significantly harder than the first, I recommend making the second part slightly easier, or the first part slightly harder. Overall, really good level!

04/23/21 at 7:57 AM

Davidson713 | 90/100

This was a great level!
Gameplay: Great!
Scenery: I saw the ceiling it was pretty repetitive but overall great scenery! Scenery Rating: 9/10 (Pro)
Deductions: Repetitive ceiling tiles -10
Final Rating: 90/100 (Very Good) Difficulty: Semi Hard (Medium)

04/23/21 at 7:11 AM

Black_Blaze58 | 100/100

*This user did not provide a review.*

04/23/21 at 4:27 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 95/100

This level makes creative use of the lakitu cloud. Wish I can say the same for the repetitive piranhas, but the lotus and nibbler plant idea is a good one so kudos for that. With the theme, something feels missing, and I think you could've taken this a bit further there, and maybe used a custom background to kind of create a more unique atmosphere rather than simply just sticking to a default preset from the editor.

04/23/21 at 2:41 AM

Mario00000000 | 98/100

I like the fact that you used a a lakitu cloud to get the nipper plant and lotus to follow you throughout the level. I found that unique. The only problem I really had with the level was the amount of items you placed throughout the level which made it way easier to complete. Overall it's a really good level.

Status: 9.8/10

04/22/21 at 4:31 PM

Hi dog_2 | 100/100


04/14/21 at 11:53 AM

NESFilipGamer | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

04/10/21 at 2:31 PM

Skopler | 100/100

This was a lot of fun to play. The level had this really nice concept of volcano lotus and nipper plant following you in the entirety of the level, a concept I haven't seen before. The second half of the level was slightly more intense, but enjoyable nevertheless. A really great level.

5/5 stars

04/10/21 at 1:22 PM

SuperMarioBros843 | 100/100

Very good level!
Pipe Maze (+50)
Small pipes and sky tileset!!! (+80)
What you got
130/100 (Perfect, +30pts)

04/10/21 at 9:31 AM

mandrut2003 | 99/100

cool !

04/10/21 at 6:19 AM

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