• Description: Bowsers 3rd strike
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What Others are Saying

Skopler | 20/100

Horrible tiling, map 1 challenges were really annoying, map 2 challenges were bland, Bowser's fight was really boring and just too easy compared to the challenges in map 1.

1/5 stars

04/24/21 at 12:39 PM

Muaz_51 | 45/100

I think this level stay to bronze.

First of all, the gameplay is quite boring. The level is short. the level wasn't fun to play and sadly put the difficulty, extreme. Apparently, the level is hard, not extreme. The second thing, no decorations and the boss fight were boring.

Total Score: 45 ( Good )

Difficult: Hard

04/18/21 at 9:58 AM

Jake The Fox | 90/100

I liked this level! even tho it's very short I liked it, short but sweet

04/14/21 at 5:54 PM

Hi dog_2 | 1/100

This Level...IS PRETTY BAD AND HARD.first bullet bill generator Killed me a lot of time(s). The slow skull raft Section was bad

04/14/21 at 5:31 PM

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