• Description: there are only 7 challenges
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What Others are Saying

SuperKaioken15 | 100/100

Intro: Oh, my god.

The problems:

Nope nope nope I'm not doing this.

What went well:

I loved the different puzzles used. They were all great and interesting. I like getting the blue stars, feels like Mario 64. I could not wait for a sequel. Unless there is one.

What you got: 100/100 (You are worthy)

TL;DR: Wonderful job!

Difficulty: In the middle (Medium)

05/07/21 at 5:42 PM

BlueAce | 85/100

This one's cool. I'm new to the mechanics of SMC so I didn't know that you can go run out the screen and go to the other side.

05/07/21 at 4:00 AM

Banana325 | 80/100

I liked the level. The challenges were fun however some of them were just luck, like the shell P-switch one.
You weren't able to see the P-switches so it was just luck whether you could pick the right one. There were also many possible softlocks. On the plus side, each challenge was creative and tested your knowledge of mario mechanics. My favorite had to be the the one where you must spin onto the fence to then spin of the fence to go off of the thwomp. I also liked the first one where you must use the screen wrapping to grab the spin. It was very clever.

-5 for the luck-based challenges.
-5 for the minor cutoffs in some sections.
+3 for the cheese prevention in the boss fight.
-8 for the level being short and generally unorganized.
-5 for the slightly janky pokey challenge. I would have used spinies or spiny shells instead.

Final Score: 80/100
Difficulty: Medium

05/04/21 at 9:29 AM

Muaz_51 | 75/100

This user did not provide a review

05/04/21 at 5:20 AM

CrazyCookiesOFFICIAL | 65/100

The level itself was easy, but it could be better.

Try adding more puzzles,

Good job on a good level, though!

05/03/21 at 9:57 PM

Build | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/03/21 at 6:01 PM

shadow_51 | 90/100

NOIce. Hey I know super mario logic!

05/03/21 at 5:38 PM

Andecidreweye | 90/100

I liked this level! It was pretty fun and reminded me of that SMW ROM hack Super Mario logic! But it was honestly a bit too easy. Also, you made the last star orange instead of blue. Great level overall. I would like to see another, harder level like this.

05/03/21 at 5:09 PM

cat is muffin | 90/100

great level the challenges were fun. but you can cheese the second map by jumping to the star without the p-swich.
cheese - 10

05/03/21 at 5:06 PM

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