• Description: neoay ordway rolltay
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What Others are Saying

shadow_51 | 1/100


05/07/21 at 10:25 AM

SuperKaioken15 | 1/100

Did you expect this to get Gold? Too bad.

05/07/21 at 10:19 AM

Florin 123 | 1/100

It was awfully made. In fact, I have had A BAD TIME by passing that Boom Boom. I don't even understand what this level is. And also, INVISIBLE BLOCKS JUST DESTROY ALL THE LEVEL! These blocks don't even make a challenge, but rather a crappy gameplay.

05/05/21 at 2:22 PM

Davidson713 | 1/100

Sorry to say, this level is very bad

05/05/21 at 7:58 AM

MarioConstructor | 1/100

Sorry, but this level is extremely bad.
[Gameplay & challenge]
There's nothing good in this level. The level was filled with a lot of random things. The gameplay is even unfair with the goal which you need to run on the invisible blocks at the end. There's a dev path which is used to skip most part of the level, too. You'll get softlocked if you grab an axe. Overall the level has nearly no challenge with unfair gameplay.
[Level design]
There's nothing much to say, absolutely no scenery.

Final Score : 1/100 (Very Bad)
Difficulty : Unfair

*Boring gameplay (-10)
*Unfair goal point placement (-20)
*Softlock (-5)
*Dev path (-20)
*Technically no challenge (-45)

I recommend you learn how to make a level first, before you make a level.

05/05/21 at 2:01 AM

Muaz_51 | 30/100

The level is bad because the gameplay is horrible. The dark fog doesn't fit the castle, it was outside the castle. You can just go past the boom boom. There is a random snowman.

2.3 stars ( Easy )

05/05/21 at 1:02 AM

Andecidreweye | 1/100

Beat it, and it was the worst exprience EVER.

05/04/21 at 8:54 PM

valterriitsjames77 | 1/100

what is this

05/04/21 at 12:45 PM

SuperMarioBros843 | 4/100

Horrible gameplay

05/04/21 at 12:40 PM

cat is muffin | 1/100

this is so bad bro

05/04/21 at 12:20 PM

decaghi | 1/100

the tiles are made of bricks, there is a boom boom fight on spikes, if you go past boom boom your stuck and have to get killed. the fog dosent make sense in a castle, and there is a random snowman there.

05/04/21 at 12:03 PM

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