• Description: Mario is on an adventure during autumn time and must make his way across a hill, city, and forest, all filled with Monty Moles and Trampolines. Sorry for the mistake in the thumbnail.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqwKDwN108A Map 1
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zldGcehTKp0 Map 2 Music

    Piranha Creeper Dash (Cave) Map 3

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtjUO7p1_9c Map 4

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRY1sIoq_JE Map 5 and 6
  • Contributors: @txlu_456 @Theopold
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What Others are Saying

bowser jr | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/13/21 at 5:57 PM

RovingBlue | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/03/21 at 5:32 PM

Theopold | 90/100

Of course I gotta rate a tag level I tagged. My only issue is that it's slightly longer than it likely needs to be, and that I didn't put decoration in my map.

06/03/21 at 9:38 AM

Adyj | 80/100

I'm torn on this one. It had some good moments, but also some not-so-good parts. We start with Theopold's section, which didn't have much going for it. I didn't see any purpose of the moles in the first bit, and the yellow springs looking a tad unpolished despite the fact that they're supposed to be midair springs. Finishing off with a single mole ride past some random wrenches, and that was it. Bonus area here wasn't really that appealing to me.

Txlu's section was fine, but it didn't go without flaws. The wrenches, for example, can interfere with the mole ride before dragon coin 1. Dragon coin 2 was quite a weird one, since I'm assuming you're supposed to hit the P-switch somehow, but didn't need to. You can just stand on it. Also, note that you don't need the hammer suit. Just damage boost with a mush. The final mole here was obnoxious, having to jump off of a twitchy mole, dealing with the small hitbox to stand on, resulting in a disorienting jump. Actual gameplay felt random at times, like throwing in the sideways spring jumps once just because why not. The way it veers from one idea to another may show some creativity, but also doesn't feel as cohesive. On/Off switches kinda add to the gameplay, but not really, as I've seen On/Off detours a thousand times already. Visuals were good, though nothing particularly noteworthy.

Formulachicken's map had decent gameplay for the most part, but having to guide the spring mole towards the second half of the section got very tedious. Guiding the mole through X:64 didn't feel right to me, trying to both land on the mole and control its momentum. I do like the idea of the cloud flower at the end, though note that the mole can run across a two-tile gap (where the blue On/Off blocks are). Final thing to note in the dragon coin section here is the final textbox being in the middle of of a bunch of crowbers. They make it hard to actually read the text, which I don't recommend.

It's still a decent level overall, and I'm sorry if my words are a bit harsh, but there were parts that didn't work that well for me.

4.0/5.0 Stars (Medium)

06/02/21 at 9:54 PM

decaghi | 40/100

ok i have to admit. this wasn't as good as I hoped. for starters, the only enemy you praticly used is Monty moles and cool moles which can be quite annoying since the level could have had so much more variety in map 1. the level itself is kind of the same for the mole part in map 2 but at least after there is some variety but not much. and the background for map 3 was totally blank. the trees were meant to be foreground. and map 4 bonus was kind of out of place with the whole volcano theme trying to mix in with the desert and autumn theme. I think you should have just made it a brown rock cave.

06/02/21 at 9:53 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

An interesting monty-mole tag level and blend of styles. I enjoyed all the sections, despite the barely very much noticeable difference in quality between the first two sections.

Theo's section wasn't necessarily bad to start off, but the mega mole challenges you were intending were of no use most of the time as they can be skipped with a bit of springboard parkouring. The hammer powerup is exploitable by re-entering the pipe warp and for the most part it was just a fairly basic, but decently enjoyable map.

Txlu's section is easily my favourite, and had to have taken a while to make, because it had the best aesthetics and all-around design in the level imo. In a way, it kinda reminds me of some of Jesse's levels. Even the challenges looked more well thought out in comparison. Really well structured layout and creative moments, like the red arrow challenge serving as a cool bonus. Shame that the Maple Treeway track is way too overused though. :/

Your section had its fair share of clever ideas as well, such as the mole platform ride across the spikes with the platform mega mole which lets the player control the movement and play at their own pace (although it can get a little bit tedious as it goes on). Good map nonetheless, even if it wasn't as polished as txlu's.

06/02/21 at 2:04 PM

Jesse Alexanderrr | 100/100

This was a great tag level but it had it's issue's.

MAP #1
Had some simple platforming over the mole's which was pretty fun. Scenery was pretty bland though it 's still alright.

MAP #2
Had you ride more moles while avoiding and bouncing into springs which was done well. I managed to get the second Yoshi coin without breaking the mole out of the bricks you need hammer for since you can damage boost and spin jump on the big fuzzy. After that you open a chest that will have another chest open up with an explosion which leads you into the next section.

MAP #3
Had some more mole platforming. The part that I found interesting was the section where you put the springs on the Mega mole and have to hit the ON/OFF to move forwards. I also found the bonus area in the sky. The scenery was pretty bland I feel like there should of been a bit more scenery in the ground

MAP #4
The bonus area had a neat short blue coin section tho the underground lava background doesn't fit the sand tileset.

MAP #5 & 6
Just some simple ending sections.

Rating : 100/100
Difficulty : Medium

06/02/21 at 2:01 PM

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