• Description: A remix of World 1. Some people have given me ideas on some areas.

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What Others are Saying

Florin 123 | 60/100

From what I saw:
Although this is a remake of world 1 from SMB (AGAIN), it felt a bit more creative. Sure there are a lot of flaws:
1.The clocks were too overused, so small time was VERY pointless. You can erase some clocks or don't put them anymore in your level, but put infinite time in this case. (-10)
2.The music didn't really fit 1-3 and 1-4. Be careful when you choose musics for your levels, because volcano music doesn't fit a castle/ghost house level. (-5)
3.King Boo battle was too long and too easy. I don't know about Chichi_3, but I felt bored. When Mario takes damage, he can easily recover by those powerup generator boxes. So you can remove those special boxes, but at the same time, choose King Boo's HP between 3 and 5. (-10)
4.The scenery is kinda good, but there are also some cutoffs in the level. (-5)
5.The ,,Underground'' remake can be easily skipped with big Mario, so all your work can be in vain. You can replace those golden bricks with gray bricks, so it won't be easy to skip anymore. (-10)
However, the first and the third part are good. Just work at those parts with ,,Underground'' and ,,Castle''.
I am sorry to give you 60/100 knowing that your level has potential, but please read those advices! You can repair those mistakes and make better levels!

06/10/21 at 1:41 PM

CrazyCookiesOFFICIAL | 76/100

I'd just like to say... This could use improvement. Some levels do not go well with some styles, and some songs do not go well with levels. Maybe we can collab for World 2, what do you say?

06/09/21 at 9:16 PM

decaghi | 50/100

I'm a little pissed off how from morning waiting for another level only to get a remake of a bunch of classics. but, tbh this is actually kind of fun. the only huge flaw is that its..... ya know........... 1-1 1-2 1-3 and 1-4. that many clocks was kind of pointless and you should have put infinite time. the boss fight drags on for quite a while but its not hard since you have infinite mushrooms. if they weren't exact remakes I could see this having a TON of potential. also the post behind the goal orb has a cutoff.

06/09/21 at 8:22 PM

babayaga0504 | 35/100

Wow apparently I'm a "super player" now. Thanks, dude! Means a lot lol! Imagine calling your own level "great". Maybe you too, could benefit from a few Baba-yoga sessions to learn of humility. Now, regarding the level. The first section was very 1-1. What has Level Palace has come to? Gameplay was pretty forgettable, and even the firebar wasn't correctly placed in the castle section. The boss fight is a joke if you still have the hammer suit at that point. But yeah, keep spamming clocks for no reason lol.

06/09/21 at 7:47 PM

twisterjoyful26 | 80/100

Eh, it's fine, just background changes and other stuff.

You could put more scenery in areas to make them look better.
If you ram into the blocks below the 1-2 pipe with the penguin suit you have to start over
I get the treasure chests, but they can be kind of too helpful with three power-ups.
The King Boo fight can be tedious after a while with little difficulty and a whopping 10 hits to defeat.
The main area was just for timer collecting and after that there's sufficient time and you don't need lots of clocks anymore.

Good remake, I guess.
wow lots of low ratings huh hehe

06/09/21 at 7:37 PM

Chichi_3 | 10/100

-80 for being to hard and -10 is impossible
good but what about the beginners plus king boo was impossible to take down
Final Score:10

06/09/21 at 7:36 PM

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