• Description: You need to find a way to high enough for the twomp to hit the on/off switch. How will you do it with only 1 power up?

    Hint: Turn into stone and get out and turn into stone again. This isn't impossible, just really hard! Check the SMC OG discord and search "oVe94w" for completion
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What Others are Saying

GalazySMC | 1/100

extreme is an understatement. just no. im tired.

what else can i say except level palace tries to prevent spam

06/14/21 at 7:01 PM

bryanjackson | 1/100

Good idea but its impossible to beat because you run out of room and have no choice but to die before the thwomp can hit all the bricks and the on/off switch. auto 1/100

06/11/21 at 10:23 PM

SuperO | 1/100

The level is impossible.As you said in description,I turned into stone but it did not work.auto 1/100

06/11/21 at 11:31 AM

txlu_456 | 20/100

I'm with TwisterJoyful here. While this is possible, its unnecessarily precise to the point where its not fun. I'd rather a more expanded and more fair level using this gimmick. Maybe you could have a Boom Boom battle with only glass blocks as ground so you have to mid air stall with the tanooki suit to survive. Also, when making gimmick levels, you should teach the player how to perform the trick if isn't obvious (like this one is for less experienced players who called this impossible) through in-game text or a setup which teaches the player the gimmick without needing to use dialogue.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆(1 stars)
Difficulty: Extreme

06/10/21 at 2:32 PM

decaghi | 1/100

dude its impossible. period 1/100 cause it cant be beaten.


06/10/21 at 2:03 PM

twisterjoyful26 | 25/100

Lord. This requires a series of literal pixel-perfect and ultra fast jumps and stone turns to make the Thwomp crush the blocks before you fall to your fiery death. Plus, the skull raft is very small and doesn't allow much room to jump on. It’s hard for a gimmick and my brain cells and I have died several times trying to figure out this catastrophe.

Apart from this being almost impossible, you could have made it longer. I get gimmick levels, but you could make a regular level but with some of this stuffed in to make it consistent.

06/10/21 at 1:55 PM

brogameryt | 55/100

well this was disappointing. it was too short to be fun, maybe a series of these challenges, each getting harder.
i wont say its bad, because for other people it could be fun. it would be unfair for me to say this was bad

06/10/21 at 1:50 PM

kingkestro777 | 1/100

XD Cmon guys make some more sense levels and not impossible difficulties. The level was short and impossible...

06/10/21 at 1:05 PM

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