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What Others are Saying

Blork | 1/100

This is worse than qwertyquop's 1-1 remakes

08/28/21 at 10:34 PM

SuperKaioken15 | 50/100

Intro: Well,

The problems:

(-50) Many Cutoffs

What went well:

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, idk what went well.

What you got: 50/100

Rank: Too Lazy just look at profile

TL;DR: Cool?

Difficulty: Hyper Easy (Easy)

07/30/21 at 5:52 PM

Mr Sir | 1/100

I wish I could compliment this

07/12/21 at 7:43 PM

NotSoCubic | 1/100

Terrible level dude. I counted TWENTY cut-offs in this level, the theming was awful, and there was barely any gameplay. You can do better. Fix all the cut-offs and please actually put a goal pole in the level instead of just a random orb.

Cut-Offs (20) = -20 (80/100)
Awful Theming = -35 (45/100)
Lack of Gameplay = -30 (15/100)
Lack of Styling = -40 (-25/100)

Fair Voting: +26 (1/100)

Final Score:
1/100 (Awful)
Difficulty: Easy

Other Information:
Fix everything in this level. It's just one giant mess.

07/12/21 at 6:19 PM

Florin 123 | 1/100

***WARNING! Long text here!

So, the start felt painful because of that pipe tiling error. In fact, WHOLE the tiling and scenery are chaotically built. The terrain tiling felt out of sanity, but at least I didn't die by falling so awfully. The scenery was painfully made, especially because of that weird bush. Also, some ground tiles were placed randomly, and those log tiles were even weirder. Not gonna lie, cutoffs are a big deal in you level. Also, the message sign has the default text, so it's pure LAZINESS! About gameplay, I don't know why you put a star pack as it isn't even necessary in this boring level. Even THOUGH this level is easy, there aren't challenges. This is even WORSE than a complete remake of SMB 1-1.

EDIT: After reading the other comments, I finally noticed that you were trying to remake the Green Hill Zone Act 1 from Sonic the Hedgehog, but this level doesn't seem to be a remake AT ALL because of all mentioned upper.

07/10/21 at 6:29 AM

MarioConstructor | 1/100

I'm sorry to say, but this level is extremely bad. The level had only a single goomba as a challenge, the rest of level is empty. No scenery. Cutoffs everywhere.

(-95) - No challenge except a single goomba.
(-30) - Cutoffs everywhere.
(-25) - No scenery.

Final Score : 1/100
Difficulty : Super Easy

07/10/21 at 1:42 AM

JetWing34 | 5/100

I'd also be disappointed if I were playing this level, but I wish I had something entirely nice to say about this level. It's just unbelievable how there are cutoffs everywhere and hardly any enemy sprites, and the gameplay was not very interesting at all. The player can have that ability to beat the level in less than thirty seconds without busting a sweat. It was a solid attempt at Sonic's Green Hill Zone Act 1, but overall, the level itself was kind of lackluster.

5 (F) / EASY

07/09/21 at 10:08 PM

qwertyquop | 10/100

Darn it, man, I was going to do this! But in all seriousness, I wish I could compliment this level, but man. Cutoffs everywhere and no enemies. The gameplay was uneventful, the player just being able to run right to finish the level with no challenge at all. Overall, nice attempt at a Green Hill Zone remake, but the level itself was not that great.


07/09/21 at 6:23 PM

decaghi | 1/100

this looks ugly and terrible with cutoffs, and ugly decoration everywhere. i just rushed through it in two seconds.

07/09/21 at 6:21 PM

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