• Description: Beware of the Angry Sun!
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What Others are Saying

Igames2010 | 100/100

good level it's so funny to play

10/11/21 at 9:15 AM

mandrut2003 | 91/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/13/21 at 5:32 AM

decaghi | 70/100

ok so where should i start.....

gameplay: gameplay was alright but some enemies were put in places where there is space but they take up most of the space making it hard to pass like the yellow koopas, pokeys, and sun.

decorations: its pretty much basic desert and other mixed in mountain tiles which made it less of a desert vibe.

final score: 70/100. could be better if you remove the tight enemy placement

07/12/21 at 10:32 PM

Pachirisu | 87/100

Hello! The level felt really easy except the part with the short and long pokeys coming down the hill, where if you collected the checkpoint and died you had nothing to fire at them creating unnecessary backtracking or a really ballsy spin jump, which would be fine if the rest had any actual toughness. The level is just a little too easy for me to really say it's a great level. On the other hand I agree with Oxobun that this certainly quite a pretty level, though clipping got... weird at times, but I can't exactly dock points for something which isn't exactly your fault.

07/12/21 at 9:30 PM

oxobun | 56/100

The gameplay in this level is unfortunately very underwhelming. You can basically carry yourself throughout with the usage of powerups and invisibility frames which disappoints me. Enemy placement was fine I suppose, but there was slightly less than what I'd expect in a typical level. Another problem about the gameplay is that I found it to be too short, whilst I was taking screenshots of it I beat it in exactly a minute. I wouldn't be complaining so hard if I found the gameplay to not be seriously defunct.

The design here is pretty alright for a desert level, although I found the first map to look the most pleasing. Scenery was stuffed every now and then with quite a lot of bricks to go with them. I didn't really notice any cutoffs with the design but, then again, I skimmed through the level. It does its job and it does so well, but it isn't exactly original in my eyes.

I have very mixed feelings about this level. The design is wonderful eye candy and yet you can just skip through everything if you wish to. I found it to be... disappointing.

56/100, With a difficulty of Easy.

07/12/21 at 9:03 PM

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