• Description: This factory creates nothing but pain. Suffering & Misery sold separately.
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What Others are Saying

Smile Construct | 45/100

Where decorations go :(

07/22/21 at 3:49 AM

Andecidreweye | 46/100

This level was ok. It was a bit challenging, but also boring and not well decorated.

07/19/21 at 8:21 PM

WahluigiKing | 50/100

Too easy. Not even remotely challenging. The music is fire though.

07/17/21 at 8:02 PM

decaghi | 20/100

I can tell by the thumbnail this was easy. I'm probably gonna extract the music and background plus tile set in one of my levels and leave the rest of the junk behind. pretty short and boring with no decoration.

07/15/21 at 5:57 PM

babayaga0504 | 20/100

That's all???? Lmao wow ok. This was not challenging in the slightest. If anything, it was unimaginative, and quite short. And imagine using Mega-Man soundtrack in 2021. Look all I'm saying is, this wasn't enough. Gotta make sure to order a family meal next time.

07/15/21 at 2:50 PM

Florin 123 | 35/100

Just to tell you something: This level doesn't seem to be a factory level. All the enemies were placed randomly like you rushed this level in one hour, I guess. Visuals aren't the best either and the boss isn't so interesting. Btw, I cannot even see this ,,factory'' as an Volkswagen lol. How about Mc Donald instead?

07/15/21 at 2:04 PM

IsmaX_64 | 40/100

Good soundtrack =D

07/15/21 at 1:02 PM

twisterjoyful26 | 35/100

Lol funny Volkswagen factory haahahjhic39urjgr39vfverg. The level wasn’t as great, though. Not much pain.

To start, the level is short and doesn’t offer much in the length side of it. You can make it longer or add some sort of timer. It’s only dashing though multiple challenges and fighting Boom Boom. It’s also pretty straightforward in terms of gameplay and not that fun to play. There’s also no scenery except those sewer and desert tiles. But they cause cutoffs. I think some of the castle tiles in the air cause cutoffs. Use the regular castle tiles. And add some castle scenery or fitting scenery from other tilesets. By the way, in front of the sewer/castle tiles it can look a bit wonky when you die, so try putting everything in one layer except when you really need it. The fight at the end is pretty bland with no sort of enemy to make it more hard or fun. I will give props for the custom background and music. The music is pretty intense and reminds me of Metallic Madness but in a fast-paced way.

Try adding more to your levels. Lot of posts today.

07/15/21 at 12:38 PM

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