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What Others are Saying

Florin 123 | 100/100

A very nostalgic level ... it gives me a lot of memories about SMF2 😔😔😔. I really like this level and the concept is great!

07/24/21 at 3:12 PM

decaghi | 100/100

this is a really good thing. i was expecting some sort of ugly messed up hell. but this is a masterpiece. nice scenery, good gameplay, and its better than what you posted in the past

07/23/21 at 8:44 PM

Strongiron450 | 100/100

man this level had some mario flash 2 vibes. The backtracking, going up and around the level, the enemies that were featured didn't make it feel different from it either. This is one of those SMC levels you could theoretically convert back into an SMF2 level.

Really nice job turning 1-1 into an enjoyable level that's not just a straightforward journey to the end, it was actually a little challenging. And boom-boom was placed perfectly. I didn't see a secret area but maybe i just didn't check.

Also I like how the end just has a little meteor fall to bring up a message.

07/22/21 at 7:44 PM

Mr Sir | 95/100

Reminds me of SMF2

07/22/21 at 3:39 PM

Mario00000000 | 95/100

Imagine rating down because this is a 1-1 remake.

Anyway this was a pretty good level. I liked the challenges this level had to offer. It was all really enjoyable to play. The backtracking was also done quite well with the added enemies after hitting the switch. The scenery was also good until it started lacking near the end.

Rating 9.5/10

07/22/21 at 4:08 AM

Happy_Gav12345 | 69/100

While the level does give a good challenge, it is sadly a 1-1 remake. Because of that, I had to remove a lot of points.

07/21/21 at 6:19 PM

babayaga0504 | 96/100

Excellent level! Especially considering it is another remake. The level in general was pretty well thought out. Liked what you did with the sideway thwomp near the fence challenge, although there was a potential blind jump shortly after that grrrol. The last part of the level felt anticlimactic, but the ending was unintentionally funny to me.

07/21/21 at 5:26 PM

brogameryt | 100/100

nice level good difficulty fun, challenging
, and really really good scenery. keep the good work up!

07/21/21 at 5:11 PM

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