• Description: Mario is Infriltrating Bowser's base in Desert Land. Can He make it?
  • Contributors: NONE BUT MYSELF
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What Others are Saying

MarioGeniusBoy | 66/100

It is noteworthy that this is a vast improvement over your first level, a dreadful effort, however such an improvement is not very difficult now is it?
Gameplay wise, enemy placement was good enough to necessitate thought, without being annoyingly frustrating. The level ticked along in a pleasant enough manner, or in other words the platforms and enemy layout 'worked' (shall we say), and the choice of tiles & level design would have been fine had it not been for some tile cutoffs. It seems that you have not yet mastered the concept of 'layer 2' and its purpose (or even begun to integrate it into your levels in any meaningful, noticeable way).

Although there was sufficient evidence here that you have taken the time to improve upon your first horrendous level, this level 'was' a little too short, and not original enough to stand out from the crowd in any way. However, as previously mentioned, it was 'pleasant' enough to play (at least for a significantly limited amount of time).

Having taken the time to review your level & note the advances made from '1-1 but not Mario's 1-1', next I will be casting my eye over your third creation. While your first level may have simply been a lazy attempt on your part, it should be acknowledged that the key to perfection is training. Should you wish to receive any tuition from myself, or perhaps if you would like to improve your levels design to eliminate flaws, I would be happy to receive a message from yourself in this regard (& apply my ever skillful hand).

All in all, while nothing unique or special (in any regard), this was a vast improvement over your original shockingly abysmal level. Level design has improved substantially with the amount of cut offs now barely reaching double figures. Likewise gameplay, with clear evidence of actual thought regarding enemy placement and level design.
Simply put, while any such improvement should be greeted with joy, we must remember that even 'polishing a turd' would be an improvement on that level, and while your level is certainly significantly better than that, it is important that you do not get carried away.

Again, I must reiterate the importance of receiving correct tuition if you wish to aspire to the true echelons of level creators. This effort has given me hope for your future as a level designer, mainly because enemy and platform placement illustrated that you comprehended the flow of the user's in game experience, and this must be applied in the correct manner.

08/06/21 at 9:41 AM

Florin 123 | 25/100

What can I say about this level? About that bad warp start, or tiling errors, or a powerup which helps us skip this level? Or a bad gameplay? Or bad scenery? The others said enough about this level and at this point, you should create more levels to gain experience. I hope your levels will get better soon!💪💪💪

07/21/21 at 8:25 AM

decaghi | 20/100

the start was bad, as Mario exits from the side of the pipe instead of the middle. there is cutoffs and spam everywhere. then I go through 20 seconds of the level and already see chaos. there was a carrot which i used to skip the whole level. the end

07/20/21 at 3:34 AM

Big Mac | 30/100

Not good, not bad. In the middle. I

07/19/21 at 5:09 PM

detetive coelho | 20/100

first that mario leaves the side of the pipe and not inside, the game gives a power-up that passes the stages very easily, and even gives a yoshi to eat the blue hull and fly through that enemy spam, there are bullets, there are bombs, there are moles throwing bombs, and there's still a goal tape at the end and a castle with a door you can't get in because it's the end of the level, but the fake door is on the wrong layer, I think the creator don't even knows how to put it on leyar 2 to have castle background because it has no background
decoration: not good
gameplay: very bad
difficulty: easy with power-up
no power up: medium
total grade 2/10

07/19/21 at 9:49 AM

Hiom_Master | 70/100

the level was ok, it wasn't too bad but not too good, there were some stuff that i can assume were done by accident and for example there are sections like the ship tiles, that my opinion

07/19/21 at 9:38 AM

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