• Description: Mario is Infriltrating Bowser's base in Desert Land. Can He make it?
  • Contributors: NONE BUT MYSELF
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What Others are Saying

Florin 123 | 25/100

What can I say about this level? About that bad warp start, or tiling errors, or a powerup which helps us skip this level? Or a bad gameplay? Or bad scenery? The others said enough about this level and at this point, you should create more levels to gain experience. I hope your levels will get better soon!💪💪💪

07/21/21 at 8:25 AM

decaghi | 20/100

the start was bad, as Mario exits from the side of the pipe instead of the middle. there is cutoffs and spam everywhere. then I go through 20 seconds of the level and already see chaos. there was a carrot which i used to skip the whole level. the end

07/20/21 at 3:34 AM

Big Mac | 30/100

Not good, not bad. In the middle. I

07/19/21 at 5:09 PM

detetive coelho | 20/100

first that mario leaves the side of the pipe and not inside, the game gives a power-up that passes the stages very easily, and even gives a yoshi to eat the blue hull and fly through that enemy spam, there are bullets, there are bombs, there are moles throwing bombs, and there's still a goal tape at the end and a castle with a door you can't get in because it's the end of the level, but the fake door is on the wrong layer, I think the creator don't even knows how to put it on leyar 2 to have castle background because it has no background
decoration: not good
gameplay: very bad
difficulty: easy with power-up
no power up: medium
total grade 2/10

07/19/21 at 9:49 AM

Hiom_Master | 70/100

the level was ok, it wasn't too bad but not too good, there were some stuff that i can assume were done by accident and for example there are sections like the ship tiles, that my opinion

07/19/21 at 9:38 AM

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