• Description: This is a difficult level. It's not a castle or a sewer, so it's a combination of both a castle and sewer.
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What Others are Saying

Tomi444 | 53/100

This level is okay, but the level is mostly blank which is a problem there. The challenges are also repetitive you should change it in the 2nd half of the level to not make the level boring.I also noticed cutoffs at sewer brick tileset.I also not noticed sewers in this level other than sewer bricks which are not sewers technicly.Other than that, i liked the challenge, and you put a Custom Music which is plus! Other things are mentoined before.
Things that I took points away for:
Few scenery (-12)
Repetitive challenges (-15)
Cuttofs (-10)
Mostly boring gameplay (-10)

07/27/21 at 2:51 PM

goldenemerl25 | 55/100

Oh my God! That level was tough, But I manage to beat it (After many game overs). Nice challenge and scenery and the music is nice (I notice the music was from SilvaGunner). But I agree with the other comments, The only challenge was those annoying precise jumps over spikes and the Poison Mushrooms were a nightmare (Now I understand this is a difficult level) on a 3 sized platform, maybe make the platform faster and longer(?). I also notice some scenery cutoff for the sewer bricks scenery, (but I don't mind). Overall, It's a Difficult level. 55/100 and Hard Difficulty.

07/20/21 at 7:19 PM

qwertyquop | 60/100

This was a pretty fun level. I do wish there was more variety in the gameplay other than making precise jumps over spikes. Maybe vary the platform speed and height, or have the player dodge enemies or something. Visuals were decent. Didn't really feel the castle/sewer combination, but it's whatever. Overall, pretty good.


07/20/21 at 2:37 PM

Andecidreweye | 50/100

I liked this level! It had nice challenge and difficulty! But I agree with the previous comment: The checkpoint doesn't work. Please fix that.

07/19/21 at 8:16 PM

Strongiron450 | 40/100

heads up, you forgot a starting entrance, the entrance supposedly linked to the checkpoint doesnt exist and softlocks the player if they grab it. naturally, you spawn AT the checkpoint with a very small platform to preform on. luckily enough i beat the level but the jumps were annoyingly precise and the level was too short. The poison mushrooms didn't help at all (somehow got through with them present) and the scenery was... okay i guess. didn't really feel like a sewer the tiles used for the main ground were alright but didn't capture the vibe yknow? i dont know just ignore that... The music choice was odd but nothing else to say there

07/19/21 at 6:25 PM

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