• Description: I'm trying to add the levels with a little bit of frequency
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What Others are Saying

decaghi | 90/100

the boss fight is good with the theme. the dry bone enemies are like mini jumpscares though so you should put indicators like babyaga said. decoration is nice and basic and its like a mix of a graveyard and a forest.

07/23/21 at 8:42 PM

Florin 123 | 96/100

Not gonna lie, this level is very unique with a great scenery. The boss feels a bit difficult, but the rest of the level is easy. Also, you can mark those drybone generators with something like how babayaga0504 said. So, I have no more to say about this level as it is very good.

07/23/21 at 3:06 PM

mandrut2003 | 91/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/22/21 at 5:17 AM

brogameryt | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/21/21 at 10:49 PM

babayaga0504 | 80/100

This level was pretty good. Great use of the ghost environment along with background choice. The challenges are nothing special but they aren't bad either. The enemy placement could be better but I do like the way you used the ghost circles. Although you should be mindful of the fact that some of the drybones can unexpectedly emerge without much indications which can catch players off guard. Which is why I would still recommend placing a skull sign near these areas if you need to. Try to also be more consistent with the scenery/enemy layering. Actually, I do like the king boo fight. Because it is challenging enough without abusing the difficulty or being unfair in any way shape or form.

07/21/21 at 12:50 PM

Andecidreweye | 100/100

This level was great! It had nice decor and music! It was also challenging and fun! The boss was good too! Nice level!

07/21/21 at 12:42 PM

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