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What Others are Saying

qwertyquop | 80/100

I actually liked this one a lot. Some pretty fun challenges that were satisfying to pull off. You can skip the metal pinecone challenge (hold down while swimming as regular Mario). The third map was also very fun. Overall, nice level.


07/21/21 at 2:36 PM

detetive coelho | 60/100

this kaizo name is a fake level, actually it's not kaizo but PIT level! pit level is much worse than kaizo on it has many spring jumps and i couldn't beat it, i can get through without cheats kaiz light now kaizo no longer and i don't know who can get past this pit without cheats, I can't say if this is good or bad but I'll give an average grade for it

07/21/21 at 2:12 PM

babayaga0504 | 70/100

An odd one this is, but as usual, the first set of challenges were the only decent challenges. A problem with this level was the lack of indications. Try to place coins or arrow signs to communicate with the player on what the next move should be. For instance, I had no clue I had to do the trampoline trick or where to put the red shell to not fall onto the death blocks. Finally, you should also include some scenery in the level, and try not to reuse the same idea or force a worn out level idea down my throat. The spin-jumping flip blocks was a rather disappointing way to end the level.

07/21/21 at 1:23 PM

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