• Description: My first level.
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What Others are Saying

decaghi | 11/100

there really is no concept so idk what ande is taking bout but i can say i didnt like this. there is cutoffs in places and bad tiling in others.

07/24/21 at 1:14 AM

Andecidreweye | 10/100

I liked the concept of this level, but the tiling in it is a big mess with many cutoffs. Sorry, but I have to give a 10/100.

07/22/21 at 5:13 PM

qwertyquop | 30/100

I mean, this level wasn't that bad, definitely not bad enough to warrant a 1/100. Starting off with visuals, they weren't the greatest. Really bland, and there were a lot of cutoffs. Gameplay wasn't that great either. Very flat and unimaginative gameplay. I also didn't appreciate that troll at the beginning. Overall, not bad but not good either.


07/22/21 at 11:47 AM

slippy_mystical | 70/100

fully agree with detective coelho, though its pretty fun and not that HORRIBLE

07/22/21 at 9:20 AM

detetive coelho | 1/100

this level is horrible! There are horrible tiles all broken bad play and the traps are hot garbage there are thorns coming and when you try to get out of that hole in the form of a cave there are poisonous mushrooms and you can't go back just die there are weather changes there is a piece of cave another beach very random, later on the guy had no idea and did something random he put a beetle and two hamer bros, the power-up game just to complement it, the boss's door and another climate change a piece of castle thrown on top of the land with a locked door that was supposed to hold the fucking key to open it and the boss isn't even bowser, it's boom boom, horrible decoration ordinary block full of tiles sucks this map no need to say anything more grade 0/10

07/22/21 at 8:09 AM

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