• Description: my first level, pls like.
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What Others are Saying

TailsBoy711 | 8/100

Not Easy Boo

07/27/21 at 2:56 PM

mammoth | 1/100

you suck

07/24/21 at 8:36 PM

Florin 123 | 10/100

Bruh, are you kidding me?
The tiling is very bad, with many cutoffs and some tiles are weirdly placed, like a overworld theme would fit with sky blocks and, suddenly, ice tiles. THINK AGAIN! It's so chaotic that no one knows the true theme of the level. About enemies, their placement is very bad and I could barely dodge those small ice flames. Also, there is an overuse of powerups which doesn't make any sense along with enemy spam. The fact that the level is short makes me take away some points. After all, this level is pure chaos. As I said before, everything is randomly put in this level, so try more in creating levels.

07/24/21 at 5:43 AM

decaghi | 8/100

this wasnt fun. it started off with enemies corwding me and it was hard to get past. the after you have this ice theme which was badly executed and the blocks at the end you cant even stand on so they have no point in being there

07/24/21 at 1:17 AM

slippy_mystical | 1/100

fine level

07/22/21 at 9:22 AM

Tomi444 | 40/100

Okay, this is not that bad for a first level, but it was kinda short, i like you put scenery in the beggining.But the Piranha Plants can't come out from the ground.They always go out from pipes.There are also some cutoffs, and the sky tileset is not fit with ground tiles.Enemy placement was random.And also, don't let Mario falls down when he jump off the Flag Pole if you want more score. You should fix that too. Look at some Gold classed levels and improve.

07/22/21 at 9:09 AM

detetive coelho | 1/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/22/21 at 8:50 AM

twisterjoyful26 | 10/100

This was pretty underwhelming.

Enemies are spammed everywhere with no consistency. Try to keep challenges steady and fun because the Bullet Bill speeding at me at mach speed and tens of ice balls flying around aren’t fun. Besides that the whole level is flat with the only objective being dodging the 1000 enemies. There’s little platforming. Scenery isn’t any better. There isn’t any. The cloud tiles are unfitting with grass background and don’t mix well with ice tiles. Speaking of tiles, cutoffs. You need to put borders and ends to vines or ground or else it will look bad. Piranha plants don’t come out of ground. Icicles need something to be attached to at the top. Anyway, I was half a minute into the level and it ended. Wow.

Try adding more scenery and lessen the enemies.

07/22/21 at 8:38 AM

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