• Description: welcome to this level where you study the 4 elements and their biomes that serves as a lesson to you noob who doesn't know anything about super mario and hasn't studied the 4 elements in school I'll be your teacher,first click on the pencil in the left corner of the screen and activate the star to start studying the 4 elements and their biomes and now let's start with the fire element and its biome
  • Contributors: my science teacher
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What Others are Saying

Tomi444 | 1/100

Pretty bad level.I can't even read the signs!This is pure enemy spam it's impossible.There's also no scenery but whatever.I would have to add + points to your story but i can't read it due to i die to enemy spam and the level is also impossible so i can't.Not a good way to make a level.
Things that I took points away for:
Flat (-20)
No Scenery (-15)
Enemy Spam (-50)
Cutoffs (-13)
Can't read the sign (-1)
Impossible (-99)

07/27/21 at 2:17 PM

Greeny | 1/100

seriously this game is just pure enemy spam with signs that are basically unreadable with the enemy spam
basically unbeatable

07/26/21 at 12:20 AM

oxobun | 1/100


1/100, With a difficulty of Extreme.

07/25/21 at 8:08 PM

decaghi | 1/100

do i really need to play it to rate it? i can tell by the thumbnail this is stupid

07/25/21 at 6:59 PM

bryanjackson | 1/100

nothing but tile cutoffs and enemy spam everywhere, there's so much enemy spam the level isn't even possible to beat.

07/25/21 at 4:55 PM

Florin 123 | 1/100

This level is just a hot trash and there is nothing interesting with it!
Only enemy spam that makes the level IMPOSSIBLE. And also, I AM NOT A NOOB!
Seriously, InsanePinkiePie should get rid of this level lmao.🤣 I hope this is not DA WAE (Uganda Knuckles reference) how you learnt science.🤣

07/25/21 at 5:38 AM

MarioConstructor | 1/100

Unbeatable enemy spam hot garbage level, nothing much to say. Auto 1/100.

(-99) - Unbeatable.

Final Score : 1/100
Difficulty : Impossible

07/25/21 at 3:38 AM

qwertyquop | 1/100

Enemy spam. Nothing else needs to be said. Overall, you're just being annoying lol


07/24/21 at 10:54 PM

babayaga0504 | 1/100

Very scientific and informative. Thank you for showing us.

Automatic 1/100 for an impossible level.

07/24/21 at 9:31 PM

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