• Description: this level will test your reflex, if you get caught of guard, thats intentional
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What Others are Saying

enn123 | 60/100

I feel like when u start a lvl you should give your player time to process the situation and not just throw them into a challenge right away. Other than that i agree with babayaga

07/30/21 at 11:50 AM

qwertyquop | 60/100

I very very much agree with babayaga, trial and error to the max. Every challenge in this level was infuriating, from the very first jump to the middle of the level with the platforms. Not much of a test of reflex, too. Overall, uh, think about your challenges or whatever.


07/28/21 at 2:11 PM

detetive coelho | 1/100

first that the creator knows how to make difficult levels but doesn't know how to test I think you did something wrong so this level is impossible because right at the beginning there are munchers falling and you need to make the quick jump without being able to think and you only have one block to make the jump with 1 block on top where you must go over the block that kills in hit kill catch the mushroom from the block you hit to go up and then it gets easier when you reach the lava you have to jump spinjumping on a fish. is not pixel perfect but the frame is accurate, after that you have to do 2 shell jumps on/off and if you do only 1 activates the kill blocks and it is mandatory to do 2 shell jumps to pass this because the shit that created this level knows that Shell jumping is not that hard but after a shell jump I don't even know if it's possible to get the shell back so the right thing would be to do shell jump facing the wall and that would be for those with high IQ, you besides doing a level for no one to pass it does for those with high IQ,you only have one chance to go through the whole second part, otherwise you must restart the whole level, after the checkpoint I didn't even want to see the second part after the checkpoint and I even cheat with cheats, I put it to play in normal but the immense difficulty of this level is greater than kaizo and I had to open it in editor to use cheat, the last thing I say is that the guy besides having a high IQ doesn't use it for damn useful just to mock the little ones and show that beyond pit level you have to have IQ to win, you don't know how to use your IQ this is a big waste who has nothing to do doesn't know how to use IQ results in this level shit I know I couldn't get over his stage but damn dude stop wasting time creating this shit so no one will go worse the pit of panga since requires an IQ how smart you think you're smart fuck you you stupid ass you're worthless you're not worthy of having IQ IQ is something from the universe you have to use wisely not everyone has a high IQ so fuck you creator without mom

07/26/21 at 7:22 AM

babayaga0504 | 59/100

I'd say this was more of a test of patience rather than reflex. Anyone who is willing to keep at this for more than 3 tries probably has a ton of patience. Or likes wasting their time. The level is very annoying and uses extreme difficulty as an excuse to abuse the fairness. Most challenges in the level were precise and made only for the creator of the level. At the beginning of the level you also don't need the springboard to make that squid jump. The rest was just tedious trial and error. Speaking of trial and error, one-tile gaps are the worst for this. And the scenery also seemed very unpolished and ugly. Yep, this ain't it chief.

07/25/21 at 9:56 PM

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