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QueenPasta | 40/100

strongly agreed

08/02/21 at 9:22 AM

Adyj | 40/100

Okay... at this point, you're still making kaizo levels, and you're still missing one important principle that is stopping your levels from getting anywhere near Silver or Gold quality. And that is "fun before hard." Before you try to make levels as hard as you possibly can, you need to make sure the levels are fun to play.

The precision required for this level is nowhere near fun. While the challenges may seem creative, nobody wants to time a jump as precisely as to land on the bouncing spring with the firebar under it, or launch off of Yoshi in the two frames it takes for him to fall into the grayish lava.

The trial and error that comes from a lack of indicators also makes it much more frustrating than fun. I eventually didn't even grab the brown P-switch at X:50 and just did a precise maneuver to grab the blue P-switch and P-switch jump pass the brown coins that I don't know what you're supposed to do there. The lack of checkpoints exacerbates this frustration.

Hard af levels can be fun, but you need to know how to make hard levels without the horrible precision and trial/error that is so common in your levels. Take enn123's levels, or MarioConstructor's levels, or my cosmic clone level. They're meant to be hard, but they don't strictly rely on ultra-precise jumps or anything. enn's levels have very clear indicators as well when there's complex setups.

Flow is another thing. My cosmic clone level allows Mario to flow from one obstacle to the next seemlessly, which isn't the case here. You just have one precise trick, followed by another precise trick, with not much theming or consistency behind it.

Visuals aren't the best either. I would just start over and try for something simple looking, like enn123's levels. Perhaps even stick to it, since kaizo levels need to be crystal clear what's happening in order for it to be any fun. This just looks crowded.

2.0/5.0 Stars (Extreme)

08/02/21 at 12:40 AM

Lag YT | 100/100

LOVE it, FUn, challenge and I enjoyed it.

07/31/21 at 2:46 PM

babayaga0504 | 40/100

Not bad ideas, but I feel that a lot of your "challenges" are hit and miss. There are no indications, and X50 gets increasingly more frustrating because by that point the jumps have to be frame perfect to get past the tight death blocks part let alone what comes later. Please beta-test your levels or have someone else test them because you clearly have no clue with what you are doing.

07/29/21 at 11:35 PM

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