• Description: I know it's not great, but I hope you enjoy it more than my last two.
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Taskmaster | 67/100

Fuzzy killer

08/31/21 at 7:13 AM

MarioGeniusBoy | 64/100

Certainly, level design has improved regarding the tile cut offs which was a major problem for you. Enemy placement has improved once again, with more precise timing and jumps necessary to navigate the level successfully.
As others have noted the pipe was a little strange, rather off setting for the level's theme. However it really wasn't a major issue, at least for one's self.

The biggest issue for me with this level was its length. It really did not seem substantial enough in quantity to warrant a higher rating. This is a shame as it is apparent that you have improved upon your previous creations (remember '1-1 but not Mario's 1-1'? How far we have come!!).
I must inform you that the on/off switches were a bizarre touch, as they seemed completely pointless as they aided nought in the completion of the level.

Another lesser issue I have with your levels is that there seems no progression of the difficulty level throughout. You seem to favour starting your creation with a jump as stringent in its timing as any other throughout, and you should consider commencing with the easier challenges at the beginning, and the greater of such near the end.

Once again I must reiterate that if you wish to receive some expert tuition on level creation, please message me. And as stated previously, if you would like to improve any of your levels (that is to improve level design or to eradicate incorrect tiling/tile cutoffs) I would be willing to help you.
I do feel that you have improved (to a degree) by yourself, however you seem to have hit a wall at the moment in your quest for true originality and innovation (the real hallmarks of a truly great level designer).

The main take home message I would like you to take on board, is 'challenge'. Let this be your buzz word for the week. While I have increasing confidence in your awareness of enemy placement and layout (as regards to the gameplay experience), level length simply must be improved if we are to reach the true echelons of level design (or even begin to gaze upon them).
While unfortunately I must rate you down slightly from the score acquired from your last effort, I assure you that this is merely because of the disappointingly short level length, and had you increased it a little you would certainly have attained a higher level than previously. Rest assured, you are improving. Steadily?...yes assuredly? Yes....If you continue to apply yourself correctly that is.

As always, the choice is yours and only yours.

08/06/21 at 10:11 AM

Bowser Blum Blum | 20/100

The level is very silly in the first in the pipe there is a lamp and it is floating instead of in the tube if there is a hole left and it is very difficult that you put enemies very exaggeratedly and the end is very stupid, improve your levels.

08/04/21 at 8:20 PM

brogameryt | 40/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/04/21 at 4:32 PM

Gamewikiwizz | 25/100

The chain on the pipe floats so i suggest adding another, pipes dont take up all of the tile. The leve is bare visually, and feels unfinished level design wise. At X:18 I suggets using the lava falls that connect instead of 2 single falls. X:44 has an invisible block above where the player might jump, please don't do this. X:113 has pipe cutoffs and can be jumped over, im guessing it was supposed to be a challange. X:145 the pipe at the top cutoffs in a block that connects the pipes so i suggest removing it. X:158 has a tile cutoff with the lava and lava falls. You should start using layering to avoid cutoffs with tiles that have transparent parts. Look at silver and gold rated levels to see how layers can be handled, and play test your levels more often and skim through the level editor to find cut offs, misplaced tiles/enemies. Consider enemy balancing and placement, having enemies will not be a good or fun challenge if they exist at random or untested spots.... also i got soft locked at the bowser fight which also was easy and boring.

08/04/21 at 12:46 PM

Andecidreweye | 40/100

This level was ok, but has some issues:
-The tiling was a bit sloppy in some sections and there were cutoffs-15-
-The bowser fight is way too boring and easy-10-
-It's possible and somewhat likely to spawn the bowser gates when your behind them and get softlocked-20-
-There wern't that many decorations.-15-

Final score: 40/100 Medium

08/04/21 at 12:39 PM

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