• Description: my video to explain why the level is sussy baka:
  • Contributors: Rick Astley, amogus, crewmate green, crewmate yellow & red imposter.
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What Others are Saying

Blork | 1/100

f u

08/28/21 at 10:17 PM

Mariogamerxyz | 1/100


08/25/21 at 5:07 PM

Mario00000000 | 1/100

Wow among us joke. So much comedy.

Rating: 0.1/100

08/11/21 at 2:19 AM

Florin 123 | 1/100

No, my friend. YOU ARE SUS!
~One vote for you~
Thank me later. And also, will you try to write in my profile again? How do you expect me to give you 100/100 for such a level? I must be drunk to give you 100/100 for this level and not only. Is it my fault that you get so many negative reviews? This is just nonsense! You know, you could actually make a playable level and add this sussy crewmate as a Easter Egg or secret, but not creating a level ONLY with it.
And another message: I just review levels like the others ALTHOUGH my rating might be a bit higher than the other ratings. But sure, if the others give bad ratings for a good reason, then why should I give a higher rating?
Nonetheless, if you want to write in my profile again, then firstly you should see the other reviews.

And about the level itself, it's impossible, so I should leave this topic.

08/09/21 at 11:00 AM

Greeny | 1/100

this level sucks ass, period.

08/09/21 at 4:43 AM

MarioConstructor | 1/100

The level had no goal so it was impossible to beat the level. Auto 1/100 for unbeatable level.

(-99) -​ Unbeatable.

Final Score : 1/100
Difficulty : Impossible

08/09/21 at 4:11 AM

detetive coelho | 1/100

you suck

08/08/21 at 7:34 PM

bowser jr | 1/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/08/21 at 7:31 PM

Dale | 1/100

There is no goal, thus no way to beat the level, so automatic 1/100 and difficulty rating obviously extreme

08/08/21 at 6:50 PM

decaghi | 1/100

unbeatable so auto 1/100

08/08/21 at 6:00 PM

Gamewikiwizz | 1/100

dont upload levels that have no goal

08/08/21 at 5:38 PM

Andecidreweye | 1/100

This level doesn't have a goal, so it's impossible to beat. I have to auto 1/100. Sorry.

08/08/21 at 5:27 PM

qwertyquop | 1/100

I mean... sure. You could've at least attempted to make this an actual level, but nope. Overall, eh.


08/08/21 at 2:20 PM

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