• Description: Update: Added the flagpole.

    I give up. Rate this level as 1/100. And YOU Bowser Jr, how do I fix the cut-off bushes?
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What Others are Saying

baronbrrrrettwastaken | 1/100

1-1 remake, ugly bush cutoffs, etc, is why im giving this a 1/100.

12/07/22 at 9:34 AM

MattTheSomebody | 1/100

this looks like the type of shit that i would make

08/09/22 at 9:32 AM

Tomi444 | 1/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/22/21 at 2:09 AM

SuperKaioken15 | 1/100

Intro: Guess who's pissed (I'm not).

The problems:

(-40) Remake tile for tile!

(-40) Many Ugly cutoffs

(-19) If you're gonna put fire flowers, at least give them the mushroom treatment if Mario is small. I think you just press shift until you see a mushroom on the corner of the sprite. While you have the flower selected, of course.

What went well:


What you got: 1/100

Rank: H

TL;DR: No remake. Would've given this -50/100 if I could.

Difficulty: Baby Easy (Easy)

10/09/21 at 1:02 PM

PrincessTrio | 23/100

Could you put a Super Mushroom at the start? The next time you make a level, try a different bush. I'll give you 23, so you could build your levels better.

08/23/21 at 8:49 AM

marioo | 80/100

i love it it super mario bris

08/22/21 at 6:52 AM

Hiom_Master | 1/100

this level haves so many cutoffs that are so easy to fix that i first thought it was a joke level, i still wish i was right

08/21/21 at 11:33 AM

decaghi | 1/100

the bushes arent even MEANT to be for that kind of decoration. its like saying using skulls for flowers but it dosent matter how ugly the bushes are this level is a 1-1 so auto 1/100..... again

08/20/21 at 9:52 AM

mechanicpig | 1/100

eh? creative? a copy of 1-1? -30
fire flower at the start makes the game more easier - 29
the large bushes are awful looking - 60

08/20/21 at 6:48 AM

Mr Sir | 1/100

Unoriginal. The bush's cutoffs could've been avoided. Auto 1/100

08/20/21 at 5:55 AM

MarioConstructor | 1/100

Unoriginal 1-1 remake, auto 1/100. Nothing much to say.

"People who rate this as "Auto 1/100" are total noobs." Why do you think your unoriginal 1-1 remake would deserve better?

(-99) - Unoriginal 1-1 remake.

Final Score : 1/100
Difficulty : Super Easy

08/20/21 at 1:49 AM

Greeny | 5/100

Intro: Hate the bushes. (totally not a reference to another commenter's comment)
Another 1-1 remake, I am also working on one but at least mine isn't just a 1-1 remake and nothing else- oh wait i am making spoilers for my level nvm
As the intro says, hate the bushes. The "D-I-WHY OH WHY" bush design is... questionable, to say the least.
You are way too generous with fire flowers. At least not every editable blocks contain a power-up.
I guess you chose fitting songs for the maps... as far as I know, you chose the two songs most similar in the original game that is in SMC (excluding custom music).

1-1 remake -90 (I'm feeling generous)
Bushes cut-off -5
Over-generous power-ups -5
Fitting music +5

Final Marks
Best I could give is 5.
5/100 Easy

08/19/21 at 10:51 PM

bowser jr | 1/100

not much to say, and a remake of 1-1, auto 1/100, plus the level had cutoffs that could be easily corrected, like the bushes

08/19/21 at 4:51 PM

ArmTdl | 9/100

i hate the bush!

08/19/21 at 3:43 PM

bryanjackson | 1/100

Just another 1-1 remake, and not a good one either. Scenery tile cutoffs everywhere, no originality, automatic 1/100.

08/19/21 at 3:34 PM

SuperO | 1/100

I bored playing 1-1 remakes. Because the level is not original,I will give auto 1/100.

08/19/21 at 3:15 PM

Dale | 1/100

No. Just no. Yet another 1-1 remake on here. There have been too many of these lately. Automatic 1/100. Difficulty is easy.

08/19/21 at 11:55 AM

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