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    About the level: been very busy with school, but i'll try to get a level out every week
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What Others are Saying

Spiny64 | 100/100

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09/07/21 at 7:17 PM

Black_Blaze58 | 100/100


09/07/21 at 1:17 PM

RhyWantsATurn | 95/100

Very fun! I love the concept of a frozen ghost house/frozen sunken ship. Messed up near the first piranha a few times, but after that, it was smooth sailing. What were those throwing Buster Beatles for, other than a small obstacle?

09/06/21 at 4:32 PM

LogoFun13_YT | 100/100

This level is really something. I played this level and decorations and enemy placement is cool (no pun intended). I'm surprised that this level got featured.

Score: 100/100 (Excellent)
Difficulty: Easy

09/06/21 at 11:52 AM

Mario00000000 | 95/100

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09/06/21 at 3:08 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 100/100

Very nice and cool! No pun intended. :)

09/05/21 at 8:47 PM

coolman | 100/100

very nice its cool and creative

09/05/21 at 7:32 PM

johnnypro | 100/100


09/04/21 at 11:42 PM

Andecidreweye | 100/100

I liked the ominous spooky theme of this level! It was really well done!

09/04/21 at 7:08 PM

decaghi | 60/100

the whole 1-1 thing is getting kinda old regardless how much to decorate it. i think its about time you make some sort of new layout than more of these things.

09/04/21 at 6:54 PM

SuperO | 90/100

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09/04/21 at 5:39 PM

MarioInnovator01 | 84/100

This was a good level, I liked the traditional gameplay, the gameplay was easy to get to grips with and relaxing, the music helped achieve this too.

The design was nice too, it was slightly odd having the ice with the haunted house maybe, but it still looked good and was refreshing. Enemy placement was good, it wasn't difficult but it was just enough to keep you moving about in different directions to avoid repetition. I liked how you positioned and used the ghosts
The level wasn't anything massively original in any way, but sometimes these kind of levels are the best to play.

It was a decent length too. There wasn't much to criticise, I just feel there should have been a 2nd section with a change of scenery somewhere, just to add variety because it was just a little repetitive. I know you made an end section with the end goal but this was very short, it would have been great if this section was longer.
So yes there was a little bit of repetition instead of variety within this level, and the end seemed somewhat anticlimactic (because I was enjoying the level a lot so expected something good at the end).
Overall I liked its traditional straight forward style and it was relaxing to play. Very good.

09/04/21 at 5:33 PM

Skopler | 100/100

Wish this was a bit longer, but it's nice as it is. I really like the combination of frozen cave tiles with ghost tiles.

09/04/21 at 5:23 PM

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