• Description: A better remake of World 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. Special. Thanks to sanichedgehog2020 for the original remake. Enjoy!
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

Skopler | 20/100

Your average 1-2 level, with scarce changes to the original. By no means original or fun. Please make a level that really stands out from the rest 1-2 copies.

1/5 stars

09/01/21 at 10:49 PM

johnnypro | 80/100

Pleasant. World 1-2 but better

09/01/21 at 10:37 PM

sanichedgehog2020 | 100/100

honestly my remake has better backgrounds! yours just uses standard mario world backgrounds! also! why did you put a castle at the start? the smb1 start and end castles are brown!

09/01/21 at 5:46 PM

TitoCapotito1513 | 70/100

Mario doing an adventure with style SMB1ESPECRMK 1-2 walking smoothly and kill the enemies that cross his path if the level was fun and the music matched the landscape difficulty / Easy

09/01/21 at 2:12 PM

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