• Description: Make your way through the dangerous and broken Peanut Bridge!
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What Others are Saying

mariofan532 | 75/100

This was a good level. a slight cutoff below the pipe at the beginning. You can improve by adding more challenges. Don't worry, it seemed like you did your best. It does remind me of Butter Bridge 2 from Super Mario World.

11/17/21 at 7:20 PM

JetWing34 | 65/100

This level is not bat at all, but in the gameplay perspective, it comes nowhere near special. The platforming and Koopa dodging is just the same ol' thing being encountered throughout the entire stage, and that counts as a lack of unique challenges. I have to admit that the bullet bill cannons near the end of the level was so random that it kind of surprised and startled me. You need to add scenery and lots of it. What's the point of playing a Mario Construct level when you don't have scenery? To me, the amount of scenery added is less than how much Nintendo would add if it were their level.

65 (D) / MEDIUM

11/16/21 at 6:58 AM

francy Y | 63/100

like the others says.

09/07/21 at 6:16 AM

Andecidreweye | 80/100

Pretty good traditional level, it would be nicer if there were more decorations.

09/06/21 at 8:52 AM

johnnypro | 60/100

Decent level. Should have had more decorations but still a good level.

09/06/21 at 7:33 AM

mandrut2003 | 70/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/06/21 at 7:24 AM

potatoboiii | 75/100

No decoration or particularly stand-out segments but still fun to play.

09/06/21 at 7:20 AM

babayaga0504 | 60/100

Not a bad level, but rather repetitive in gameplay. Nothing but good ol' rinse and repeat of koopa jumps and forgettable platforming. There is no variety whatsoever. The many bullet bills towards the end was pretty random ngl. There also needs to be some scenery, you have to have a little bit scenery to grab peoples' attention for visuals.

09/06/21 at 12:18 AM

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