• Description: My first level with a vertical section!
    Edit: Sorry for putting in the wrong code, I must have pasted in a level I was playing
    Edit: Updated boss fight to make it easier, and made a few small adjustments, like changing the main power-up from the ice flower to the fire flower
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What Others are Saying

francy Y | 98/100

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09/16/21 at 1:54 PM

johnnypro | 80/100

Nice haunted house level but I don't like your boss fight too much boo and annoying to avoid

09/15/21 at 11:45 PM

Andecidreweye | 80/100

Sorry about the mixed up code thing. But anyways, this was a good level! The vertical map was the best section no doubt, I didn't even know bullet bills interacted with belts until now. But the boss is kinda unfair, with 4 hyperspeed boos darting all over the screen. Still, I liked this level pretty much.

09/12/21 at 10:20 PM

babayaga0504 | 75/100

Now that the code is fixed I must say first-hand that this is not a bad level. The vertical map was the best section no doubt, but let's touch on the boss battle, because it's absolutely the worst part of the level. It's a nightmare tee-up and is widely panned for having chaotic gameplay. You know it's bad when you can barely get 2 hits in. I'm all for challenges, but four ghost streams running around at full speed was just too overwhelming even for a boss with only 3 hp. You either need to keep only one, or expand the boss arena to allow more leeway. Seriously, enough is enough.

09/12/21 at 8:54 PM

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