• Description: Mario destroys Bowser's plane and falls into the desert. He had to get out of the desert, it wouldn't be easy because Boom Boom and Bowser would try to stop him.

    I fixed the checkpoint
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What Others are Saying

Jocko | 95/100

I like it

09/16/21 at 5:30 AM

babayaga0504 | 94/100

Great desert level. You can fit in a tiny bit more decoration in places, but I enjoyed the level. The boss fight was quite good too.

09/15/21 at 10:04 PM

Bowser Blum Blum | 100/100

The level had a decent gameplay with beautiful challenges and great decoration but in the description it says that they will try to stop Mario the evil one from Boom Boom and Bowser but at no time I fight against the evil Bowser and that is my fight unless you fight with me because I am Bowser Bulm Blum and you need to put in the description that I am Doctor hehehe don't take it seriously I'm just kidding 100/100

09/14/21 at 9:27 PM

LogoFun13_YT | 75/100

Nice level, but unfortunately, if you die after getting the checkpoint, you are softlocked. Seems like Entrance 3 is missing. If you can fix that, that would be nice.

Update: Level creator fixed level. New rating: 75/100

09/14/21 at 8:43 AM

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