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What Others are Saying

Andecidreweye | 1/100

Long, tedious block excavasion level. So boring and not fun.

09/13/21 at 10:41 PM

johnnypro | 1/100

No. Not fun at all

09/13/21 at 9:56 PM

SuperO | 1/100

I think that this level is impossible because blue blocks are to be lost after a certain time. This time is not enough to destroy the all bricks in the tunnel. The tunnel could be more short. Also,the level was not funny and very boring. Therefore,i will rate this level auto 1/100.

09/13/21 at 3:33 PM

LogoFun13_YT | 1/100

Nope. Lame and boring like a white crayon or even a 1-1 remake with little to no changes. Auto 1/100.

09/13/21 at 12:50 PM

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