• Description: Hello Friends, how are you? I bring you a level I hope you like I will try to make more levels this level titled Super Mario World Uninhabited Cave 1-3
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What Others are Saying

javien322 | 80/100

-Decent scenery in the beginning

-I couldn't find a way to do the secret jump. Therefore it had me soft-locked in the first part of the level. You legit gave no sense of direction at all on how to do it.
-Try to be more basic with the mechanics, No glitches, But not too basic.

Overall Difficulty: Unknown
Overall Score: 8/10 (B-)
Overall Class: Silver
Summary: Confusing

09/15/21 at 9:42 AM

LogoFun13_YT | 100/100

Honestly, I have no idea what the f*** what Babayaga is saying. This is good, hard and well done. I have no choice but to give this a 100/100.

09/14/21 at 6:46 PM

babayaga0504 | 30/100

Yeah no, I don't like this level much tbh. While I don't agree with the 1 below, this level needs a serious overhaul. Right off the bat, there is a chance you'll get blindsided by the bullet-bill above after doing the spring jump. The baseball chuck was in a badly placed spot and the repetitive enemy placements after don't do you any favors. Also not fond of the difficulty curve; how it goes from the advanced springboard trick in the beginning to generic gameplay towards the end of the level. The decoration I saw wasn't much better either, and the many monty mole holes actually make it look quite ugly. Giving this a subpar rating because of the overall bad design. Also is that you in the thumbnail?

09/14/21 at 5:36 PM

Blork | 90/100

Uuummmmmmm ok? that was weird and the midair spring jump was excessive. text to fill in character requirement

09/13/21 at 7:27 PM

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