• Description: Mario decides to go for a swim at a place called "The Random Lake". What weird things will Mario encounter?

    "I heard that that the legend of 'The Random Lake' states that 'Someone who finds the secret near the exit of the dark area will be treated to a great reward'. That's just fiction. Say, can you find Blue Toad? I have not seen him for several days." - Red Toad
  • Contributors: I would like to thank Luigibonus for providing the music for this level.
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What Others are Saying


Very good level, but its kind of empty gameplay-wise in my opinion

09/16/21 at 12:31 PM

Dale | 80/100

That was an interesting level. I couldn't find the hammer or whatever you need to kill the fish the fireflower can't defeat, but that's ok. You had numerous hidden dragon coins but also enough to reach or even exceed the target number (5 in your level) with just coins that are visible, so it is fair.

I will give you an 80 and medium.

09/14/21 at 10:41 AM

marioo | 60/100

i cannot add level why me need mode help me i need my level bad i cannot vote help i cannot vote and cannot add level

09/14/21 at 2:08 AM

johnnypro | 80/100

The water level is good but I can swim close to the ceiling to avoid some enemies

09/13/21 at 11:25 PM

Andecidreweye | 100/100

An actually good underwater level. I liked the decor and design and challenge. The hidden dragon coins were cool too!

09/13/21 at 10:51 PM

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